Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another attempt at Quilting

Halloween only brought about 6 kids to the house. They were really dressed up this year! I enjoy seeing all the new and different costumes they come up with. I do miss the days when we went all out for Halloween but since our children are grown and gone, it's not as much fun. Looking forward to little children coming to visit from time to time. My nephews children are too far away to enjoy them, but I can keep hoping others will be visiting in the next few years.

Quilting is going along pretty good. I finally finished the center of the Hawaiian quilt. I'm starting to echo around the leaves and flowers that come from the center. This quilt is going faster then I thought. I was lucky enough to have my daughter here for a short time and she kept Charlie at bay for me. Charlie seemed to want to sleep between the two of us. When my daughter got  up to go downstairs, then Charlie decided it was time to sit in my lap. Moving a big 18 year old cat, to get quilting done is not easy. The hardest part is when your quilting the center of the quilt and it doesn't matter where she sleeps, you still have to pull to move her. Talk about dirty looks! Hand quilting isn't as hard as most would think. It's relaxing and worth the time.

Today is a day I plan to get a few stitches in on quilting. Yesterday while my daughter and I were getting our hair cut, I worked on my BOM Affairs of the Heart. I'm almost done with another block. I do need to do the embroidery around two blocks and my take those for projects to work on when I go places. Embroidery is fun and easy to do. It really brings out a quilt.

Off to try and get something done today, even if it is laundry.

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