Monday, November 21, 2011

I have come to the conclusion that Charlie is spoiled

This past weekend was interesting. I was able to get a few things done, and play some games.

At the age of 16 or older, Charlie does keep me on my toes. She's there waiting for me when I get up in the morning and follows me around. When I finally decide to sit down, she's there. Like yesterday when I got on the computer. She was there. She sat on my arm (mouse arm) and stared at me. I'd move her over and she would then sit on the keyboard. No matter where I moved her, she made sure her face was in my view and bat her big eyes at me. So, I petted her and gave her TLC. That took a good 15 mins. Then she decided to sit in the chair next to me (that I moved over for her). If I thought my husband's snoring was bad, this cat can snore!

Yesterday was "game day" for the football teams. Husband is from Green Bay, so guess who his team is. I'm from WA state and guess who my team is (head hanging). So, we heated up the downstairs with the fireplace and headed down there. There we watch the football games while I quilt. My team was embarrassing to watch but the team they played was even more so. Took Charlie along for the ride, so to speak. Put her on one end of my quilt frame so I could quilt on the other end.

I have a sheet at one end to put her on. Not that it matters, because she comes right in my face purring like crazy. So, I moved her over to the spot on the sheet, no dice. I moved her back and she sat looking at me like I just killed her best friend. So, TLC, again.

Now this is where I'm throwing in a "note" to all quilters. But first I want to say I appreciate the work that was put into this quilt top! The SWWRDQG made this top for me as an outgoing president. Here is where the "note" goes - please, please, when giving a quilt away as a gift, please don't use dark thread to sew light color fabrics. Not even if the background is dark. One of the butterflies that was pieced has dark lines coming out of the seams. It doesn't help the look of the butterfly, your eyes go to the stitches. The yellow in the center was done is dark thread as well. That makes the pretty flower look dirty. As I said, I so appreciate the work that was put into this quilt and am thrilled to have it. The dark likes made a beautiful quilt top look pretty, if that makes sense. If you have a quilt that goes from dark to light, use something like a tan color that will blend in with both the dark and light. You can go on the dark side of tan without the affect that a black or dark blue line has.

Okay, back to my story of Charlie. Last night when we moved back upstairs, Charlie sat on the quilt that is on the couch. Till I sat down in my chair. She got up, came over to me and wanted to sit on my lap. Since I was trying to applique, my husband told me to make her sit at my feet (with the foot rest up). I pushed her down. That didn't work, she came back to my lap. I pushed her down again, no luck. The third time my husband got up and picked her up to put her at my feet. Wow! You'd think dad spanked the child! She got mad and got down. Sat there staring at both of us. I called her back and told her to sit there, and she did. When I got up, I accidently push the foot rest down and she fell on the floor. She headed for the back door at that point, like she was ticked. I gave her water and she came back. When it was time to leave, which you will do automatically when I say "time for bed," she didn't move. Got the mad attitude from her, but she finally did leave. My husband looked at me, said, "Your the one who spoils her, I hope you know."  Yep, I guess I do, but she's so much fun! When it comes down to it, you'd think she was a teenager! Attitude all around.

My quilting over the weekend was - worked on the Rose pattern, quilted on the butterfly quilt (photo). Quilting I put in a good 3 hours. I'm happy with that. Have a great day!

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