Monday, December 5, 2011

Time is Flying By!!

Hard to believe it's the 5th of December already. Talk about time flying! They say the older you get the quicker the time goes. I do believe that is true!

This weekend we got a tree from a local grow, who is also a friend of mine. So, we put the tree up and decorated the house. I went pretty quick! My husband decorated the tree, since it was his year.

I made the tree skirt last year. I had to pull out my Santa's though, as I collect them each year.

This one I won in an exchange.

These are the ones I love to collect. They are "crafty" but well done.

Okay, so after doing Christmas decorations - and keeping Charlie outside for the day, I was able to finish up the Rose wall hanging. I will take it to mom's on Wednesday and get it basted to quilt. I have two I need to get done, and the other is a frog. That one is for a friend, and it's been in the works for two years. I finally took the time and started it on my trip to see my son in NC. I finished it the week after we got back. That was in July. So, I seriously need to get moving and get it done to give to her.

Finished appliqueing this Rose wall hanging on Saturday.

This is the frog I did for my friend.  Both will be basted and ready to quilt by Wednesday. I have two weeks to get them both done! Keep your fingers crossed. As you can see they are quick and easy to do. Fun to work on, and very additive when you get started.

Gave my daughter an idea for a quilt. She's going to try and do me a pattern for it. Can't wait, but need to since I have enough stuff to do right now.

I did get more quilting in on the Hawaiian quilt last night. I was happy to be able to sit under a warm quilt to quilt. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get the border to work with the center when doing the echoing. I'll figure it out, but I'm working on the center right now, so it will be a little bit before I have to work on the issue.

As you can see, the frog is done is colors that are out of my comfort zone. I found I do like the end result. I am thinking of doing another one that is in fall colors as well.

I'll tell you how it goes on Wednesday.

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