Thursday, March 8, 2012

OK, time to blog

Guess it's been awhile since I've blogged on here. As you can see, I've been posting letter from the past on my other blog site. I'm really into this genealogy again, and can't seem to keep looking for answers.

Since my last blog, I have been working on my quilts as much as my genealogy. Funny how some information you had 20 years ago, makes more sense now. Guess it's true, the older you get the wiser you get. At least that's what I'm gong to believe!

At one of the meeting we had I started to do the applique work on the block I sewed together a while back. It didn't take long, but the for me it took longer than I wanted since I was doing other stuff. Of course, I haven't done anything else since but at least I'm getting there.

Okay, tell me, what is it about watching a show like "Buried Alive" that makes a person clean, even when they don't really need to. I sat and watched a few of their shows and each time I would get up and go into the computer room or quilt room and pick a few things up, put them away or even throw them out! I needed to anyway, but man, I seem to want to pitch more out then keep them. I don't have things on the floor, but I do go get the vacuum and start vacuuming too. If nothing else, that show gets me to clean!

I pulled out my pattern for the TAS Retreat coming up in two weeks.

Looked it over, tried to get myself to think about working on it, so I cut out some pieces in freezer paper.

Then figured I better think about colors to use for the leaves. After thinking (not very hard, 'cause too many greens boggle the mind).

I sewed three different color sets together. AND guess what I did next??! I put the "stuff" on the table and watched it sit there for over a week. Not bad, huh? Today I finally worked on it. Only have the circle done. Hey! At least I started it.

Since genealogy took up most of my days, I started watching TV and quilting at night. That actually worked out better than I thought. "Problem," you ask, WELL, I didn't get much of anything else done. Go figure.

The closer I got to the center of the echo, the more excited I got. So, I would try and sit and quilt as soon as I could. Hubby on the computer playing slots and me quilting in his chair, while my favorite feline is in my chair. lol You would think she'd let me sit in my own chair!

Each day, I got closer and closer.

Till this "quarter" section was complete! I'm so thrilled with the out come! Now I'm heading over to the next section to work on. The splitted area would go up more into the corner border, so I'm going to bi-pass that area and work on another "quarter section.

Tuesday was a fun day! Woke up to snow. Still got up to walk with the neighbor at 7 am. Here's what we got to see that early in the morning.

Part of our walking area.

After that, guess who was in a hurry to get in the house?!?

Today was our TAS group at Quilter's Junction. We had a great time. With the exception of me forgetting thread, scirrors, and my brain. The wonderful thing about quilters is that they share. So, I was able to borrow (or use) thread and scissors from another quilter. Then I appliqued the circle to the pattern for the Retreat.

I'm also trying to figure out how I can get to OK to see my brother. Having to find cheap tickets in a hurry isn't easy, but I'm hoping it will work out.

Till next posting....Happy quilting. - May actually get another quarter done, let's hope.

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