Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perfect gift

This is my birthday week! I'm enjoying every day so far! Then again, I love Birthdays, and this year seems to be one of my better ones. My daughter gave me Disney goodies - I'm a kid at heart! I have a mug that I've used everyday for far (and I just got it on Monday). Then I have a glass that has Mickey on it and have been drinking my water in that. Even wear my Minnie Mouse T-shirt. lol Plus my laptop arrived this week! So, who can ask for more?! Hubby brought me some flowers. And let's not forget miss Charlie giving me tons of attention! (photo) Miss Attitude!  On top of that, I found my 4x's great grandparents. So, my genealogy is moving along great.

When my laptop arrived, my brain thought, "Hey, why not make a carrying case for it!" Wish I could shut off that brain with quick ideas. So, I spent Tuesday working on a bag for my computer. I'm thinking I may do another one a little better, but for now it works fine.

So, I thought I could use some fabric I had in my stash, and would make a bag similar to the one in the photo that I did (UFO) a couple months back. I wanted to make it smaller than this one as my computer isn't that big.

I love my butterfly fabric I bought a few years back and figured purple would work better. I thought about putting a divider in the inside lining. I was surprised how easy it worked out. I actually got it done in one day.

I added pockets that I thought might help. I did do less pockets then I did in the other one.

I may end up using it as a bag, but that's okay. I do like the way it turned out.

When I'm not working on my genealogy and cleaning the house, I do get some quilting done. I have been doing a lot of laundry as well, since my son moved back in.

Last week I got around the purple areas.

Gee, can you tell I like purple. lol Didn't realize how much I tend to go with purple and blue.

I did finish this area yesterday while my friend fell asleep when she came over to get together and work on crafts. lol

This is were I am with the quilting on the edge. It's coming along nicely and quickly. It hard to believe how fast it's going and how much fun I'm having doing it. The more I quilt, the more excited I get at seeing the finished product, but I'm I even half way done. lol

Got caught up on my shows and quilted a lot!  I've got my block ready to go for tomorrow while I'm at The Applique Society's board meeting. Looking forward to working with them. I really do want to get more active in TAS!

Going to have a good meeting and checking out Squim, WA. Should be fun! I'm looking forward to sight seeing along the way!

In the mean time.....Happy Quilting.

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