Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Day of Scraps!

After lunch (yesterday), I decided to go down and see if I could finish up the bag of scraps.

Decided I needed to cut the stuff I had ironed the day before, so got started on the first ironed "pile." I was able to empty the bag, and it felt really good to have all those pieces squared up.

I also washed and ironed my blocks of embroidery that I found (with some spots).

Then I had this "bright idea" (NOT!).  I pulled out my basket that hadn't been touched in a very long time. I usually put my strip in it and "run." So the bright idea this time was to trim the strips and put them back in the basket, neat and orderly.

I not only found strips, I found more scraps. This was not going to be a quick project, it was going to be another two day project! Oh, well, it needed to be done. Plus, it's easier to see what I have then trying to finger my way through this basket. Truth is, as I'm doing this, I'm actually feeling better about the quilt room. Not only is it organized, so are my scraps! I'm thinking of redoing my cabinet area as well, but that will be another day! Problem with me, is when I get an idea, I go for it. Then as I'm doing it, I either get tired of it or bored of it. But I do push through it. Once it's done I can say, "that was stupid," or "what was I thinking!," or even, "awesome! I did it!"

I found a few bigger strips of white on white, muslin and just white. So, I'm putting them in the bottom of the basket, knowing I have them when I need them. 

After trimming the strips I hung them off a ruler I had. After awhile, I couldn't tell if I was putting them with the right sizes! lol That got interesting. I actually went back and put them where they needed to be. The really short strips I was cutting into squares, and the longer ones, I hung. I found I was actually keeping some short ones in strips. Guess I got tired of cutting squares. You would not believe how may of these are 1 1/2" strips! I must be out of my mind!

With the two days of cutting squares, this is what I have for the smaller ones. My 1 1/2" and 2" squares are the top right with two stacks each. When I get more, I'll move them into their own boxes. REMEMBER, I'm not done yet.

After going through half the basket, I put what was left in the basket into the bag I emptied.

Does this look familiar?! Guess who has another day to go! ugh. But I'm feeling good about doing all this. Can't blame Karen for a wonderful idea, just need to get moving and get it done. I think I put about 2 1/2 hours in yesterday, so can't complain too much. I'm actually getting stuff done and making quilting easier for myself. I did find that the more I organize the more I want to get down there and quilt or even work on a block. I've been looking at the fabrics I have for the "guilt wall" and may get back to that quilt this coming year.

This bag (temporary) has my bigger squares and triangles that I didn't have room for or storage for. So, I'm using the over sized bag that I got at one of my quilt groups. I will work on finding a box or another bag for them to go in. Not quiet there yet. Still want to decide what I need to do.

Cleaning my quilt room has been long over due! I REALLY cleaned my quilt room close to 10 years ago. I had taken everything I had, DUMPED it in the middle of the quilt room, and started putting stuff away. Fabric was on the bottom, but as I picked, I pulled out the big fabrics, folded them and put them in the cabinet. As I got closer (4 days worth) to the bottom, I started throwing things out. I was so sick of seeking all that stuff. I put old projects I won't touch again in bags and marked them to sell at the garage sale. I put stuff in boxes and I was thinking yesterday that I may even have a box outside in the garage that is full of scraps! I remember putting them in the box and telling Patrick to put them away for awhile. I didn't want to see them. Now I need to ask him if I still have it out there. I might have gone through them already, but doubt it! ugh

I took all the strips from the ruler and I folded them, then placed them in the basket. Hard to believe it was a full basket and not it looks like this. lol - I added the white fabrics under this after taking the photo. I will be adding the rest of the strips soon, when I go through that bag.

Today Patrick wants to go shopping for groceries, a movie, and then we have our neighbors coming over. So, not sure how much I'll get done today, if any.

When I was putting things away and headed to my bedroom, I saw this beautiful sunset, and ran to get my camera as well as going to the deck. It was almost gone, and the view from the deck isn't as pretty as the one from our bedroom!

I love the colors of sunrise and sunsets around here.

I was able to cut out the red flower piece for my bell block. I also fixed the stems and put them under the bell wood piece. Now I can applique the flower and get it done. Should be exciting when I get that one done as well.

Chances are I will do more cutting and trimming tomorrow, before heading to my parents for supper. We usually play games and then eat, play more games and then come home. I'm hoping I can get down there before we go.

Today, I'm going to wish you ALL a VERY Happy NEW YEAR! May you have the best year yet!

Prayer and best wishes to all of you for the coming year! and my you be Happy Quilting the whole year!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Must Be In The Mood For Organizing!

Yesterday I read Karen's blog on how she was organizing her space. Got me to thinking I needed to go through my scraps too. So, I pulled out the "small" bag of scraps.

This is the small bag I have around for those pieces of fabric I don't know what to do with. I started about an hour before the Seahawk game, and quit in the 3rd quarter of the game. GO SEAHAWKS!

As I was cutting fabrics (yeah, I know, can't stick to one thing at a time!), I saw these boxes. Luckily the top box was empty, and I put the smaller squares I cut in it. The next box, I didn't open, but can tell you it's a hand pieced quilt as well. I may just get rid of that one and start another one and make sure I have the background for it. I have the pieces cut, but I'm thinking the background fabric isn't around.

As for the last box, not sure, and really don't want to find out today! That will be a guess later.

While I was going through the bag, I found a few triangle pieces that I'm thinking where cut when I was dong bias strips. I've decided to keep them that way, who knows, I may need a corner piece one day. I also found a few border prints and some muslin that are stripped. Decided to keep them handy, don't know if I'll need them or not, but will have them if I do. If I get tired of them, I may just give them to someone else.

Would you believe I couldn't throw this out?! So, I'll use it for a leave or two in one of my applique quilts. I know one I can put them in, so hopefully this piece won't last long.

This is what I got done in that time frame. (Got bored cutting!) I didn't want to do the 1 1/2" square blocks, but then I found some fabrics I just couldn't throw away, and guess what?!? I cut 1 1/2" squares! ugh  So, most of my squares are less than 4"squares. That tells you how many small pieces in that bag! Looking at my table, I have 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2", some strips, and in front are the few pieces that range from 4" to 6 1/2" squares. As you can see, not many of those. At this point I got bored, but guess what!?

Still have more to go! I at least got a little over half done. Who knows, maybe I'll do some more tonight or tomorrow. I would like to see the end of this bag. Even Patrick was surprised to see me working on all this! lol I need to go get a few more boxes to put the squares in, and I need to learn to cut my scraps when I'm done doing what I needed the fabric for. The best part about some of these scraps is that I can use them for applique as well as piecing.

Last night I finished this block. It was nice to have one of the two done. I started work on the other block. I was thinking I need to buy more black fabric (since my mother used all my black I had for this), and will take it to the Retreat our quilt shop has in May. I can hopefully finish it there. This has been a long time in coming.

So, in organizing this quilt room (AGAIN), I'm thinking of buying some kind of box that will fit in my cabinets. I need something that will keep my fat quarters stacked nicely. I also need to pull out the ones that I have used up half of and cut them into squares. I'm also thinking of getting more "gift" boxes like the one in the stack above. I can keep my squares in those. I know they are not cheap, so will try and get some on sale if I can find them. See thru would be nice, but I think if the boxes are well done, then they will stack up nice.

I'm having fun organizing, but my mind wants to do so much, that when I got started I seemed to be asking myself, "What in the world are you thinking?!!  You must be crazy! This is too much crap!" I did find it awesome this morning, when I came down here to do my cutting. The room was not overwhelming! It felt so good to come down here and not worry about where to move stuff so I could do some cutting.

Okay, taking a break, and then hope to be (SOON) Happy Quilting!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

In The Mood To Clean!

This morning I actually did some surveys before doing any "games." Hard to believe!

Last night I was able to get the center flower done, so the block is done of applique. This is the first finished block of the Baltimore Liberty quilt. I need to do another flower like this one the bell, and then that one will be done with applique as well.

I used the freezer paper method on the flower. It turned out better than I thought. I did cut the seam allowance too skinny, but it worked out. I will try and remember to give myself extra seam allowance when I do the one on the bell.

I had to put the block on my "guilt wall" so I could get a better photo. As you can see, I have more blocks that I need to do for the two quilts on my guilt wall. lol

While I was down there, I felt too crowded and too unorganized.

As you can see, this was the mess I had to deal with. I started with the table and started clearing stuff off it. Amazing how that table seems to get everything that needs to be downstairs. Doesn't have to be my stuff, just anything that needs to be put away down there. UGH.

I went through and put my fabric away, also tried to decide what I would do with the blocks that were on the table.

I decided to clean out the box where I keep projects I'm working on. I have 7 boxes that I have full of different projects. This one is the Affairs of the Heart quilt - that seriously needs to be finished, I just need about 4 blocks and then it's done, other than the border. I really, really, need to get this done!  At least I put them all together in the box and have it ready to work on.

I also found a few more projects that needed to be put in boxes. As I was moving stuff from one box to another, I found this project that our Friday group had the "bright idea" to do. I have the book and pattern for this huge quilt that has a scenic view for the center piece. The flowers going around the center with pieced blocks. This is one of those projects that may never get done! Too much work and not really something I'm interested in. I am going to figure out what I'll do with the 6 blocks I have done. Time will tell what will happen with this one.

After figuring out where I needed to put a few things, moving from one box to another., I found this one. My mother in law started this project and sent it to me. I decided I would finish it for her. It's hand pieced. I have 12 blocks done, but the quilt needs to be bigger, so I'm thinking I need to make another 13 blocks. It's the Honey Cone block, I believe. It's one of her favorite patterns. I need to make a tear drop pattern so I can applique them on. I have all the fabric and all I need to do is piece the blocks. Again, another project that needs attention.

I found my "stationary box" that I had when we lived in Pullman. I opened it to find this! I forgot I had started this quilt for my daughter when she was 2 years old. She will be 25 in March!

The fabrics were from a "round robin" that I did back in the 1980's. I always looked forward to the mail! I would get a package of fabrics that had my pattern cut out. I could work on it while Katt and Phill where in bed or even when they played in the living room with me. I miss those packages I would get in the mail. I met a lot of wonderful quilters that way! Still write to a couple of the from time to time.

I put everything I needed in the box, so I could find all the pieces. As they came in, they went into the box. Since I couldn't decide on a backing, I took a sheet and cut the tops so that I could applique them on. I didn't have to worry about seams. It worked out great, and sheets seem to last longer than fabric.

I brought the box upstairs and put it in my Applique Society bag I bought at the Tacoma Quilt show. I love that bag!

After doing all that, this is the end result of my quilt room. My table is cleared, my sewing machine is cleared and my projects have found boxes for the order I wish to do them in. Hopefully I can finish a few of these projects this coming year. Should be interesting. Let's see what actually happens.

Have you ever wondered how so may pins wind up on the floor?? I could not believe how many pins have been sticking out of the carpet! I must have had half my pins in the carpet. Good news is that I didn't step on them, but I did rescue a few before the vacuum decided to take charge of them. You'd think I played target practice with the pins and the carpet!

I would love to have the stuff under the table go away, but most of that is the quilt group stuff I keep. Another box is full of letters that my mother gave me that is genealogy. Another project I need to get back to.

Old Jeans are on the old piano chair that way my great grandmothers. I need to figure out what I can do with those. If anyone has an idea, feel free to send me an email! Would love to hear what ideas you may have.

I did find a few blocks that were embroidered, that needs to be put together, but was more surprised to find spots on them, and was guessing it could be mold. Amazing how that seems so show up in places I keep clean. I did clean up the cobwebs that where down there. At least there wasn't a spider hanging around,  I'd jump like a fish! Hate finding spiders!

Okay, that's what life was like today at my house. Hope you all have a great day. In the meantime I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hope EVERYONE Had an AWESOME Holiday!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a good one here!

On Christmas Eve we went out looking for lights. We found a lot of well lit houses! I would have loved to have had all the decorations in my yard! Trouble is, getting someone or anyone in this family to put them out is hard to find! lol

This one was in Centralia, WA. It was awesome!

Another one in Centralia, WA.

This one was Councilman Harris' house in Chehalis, WA. This was well done! I loved everything in the yard.

As you can see, it was covered over every part of his yard! I could have sat there and starred all night!

This one was in Chehalis, WA as well. It was so pretty! Had tons of stars throughout.

On Christmas morning, Patrick and I opened up our gifts to each other. Then we went over to Phillip and Emily's for another celebration. Took over some cinnamon buns.  My parents came over for supper and we exchanged gifts. Would you believe my parents gave both Patrick and myself (each) a hug package of candy?? What in the world am I going to do with all that candy? lol It will last at least a year! lol We played games till about 7 pm, when my parents left. I won the first game and Patrick won the second. Usually mom or dad win but they didn't seem to get the cards they usually get!

Today was one of those days, that I slept in (or tried) till my phone kept beeping with messages. My sister-in-law in OK was going in for surgery. I didn't know anything about that, so I checked the messages, called the folks and found out she was having the pins removed that where put in place in her back last year about this time. So, at 7:30 am I was getting texts one right after the other. At least the good news is that she was fine and probably going home today.

I then got my stuff ready for my quilt group at Quilter's Junction. There were 6 of us, and it was a good visit. I was able to work on my firecracker block that goes with the Baltimore Liberty quilt that I'm making. I had to get some fabric for the center flower. I bought red and two yellow fabrics for this quilt. So far it's coming along. I can't wait to get to the embroidery part of the blocks. That will be done when I'm done with the applique. I'm looking forward to doing the embroidery. I appliqued one of the center flowers, and found it looked like crap, so I took it out. When I got home and after supper, I went to my freezer paper and cut out the flower (again), but this way will probably work out better than the back basting. I found that the lines on the back were not as easy to see anymore, so I figured the freezer paper would work. I've got it all ready to do. I also basted the last two stars on the bell block.

This is the block from before. I have all the work done, except the center flower.

I seem to keep busy with my quilting as well. I haven't done any quilting since Christmas Eve, but I am getting to work on it more. Haven't had much to do lately, so quilting and applique are getting done.

I did go out to the store today and bought some ornaments that were on sale (20% off), which they never seem to go on sale. I bought 8 more ornaments. They are the hand painted and "Old World" ornaments. I just love them! Just wish they were made in the USA.

So, things are good here, sorry to say no quilt fabric or quilt related stuff was given to me for Christmas. My family always thinks of kitchen stuff I can use! lol

May you all have a wonderful day, and be Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas EVE!

All through the house, not a creature is moving, not even me!

This morning I slept in, just because I could. Ruth is off to her family up north, so no walking for me! I was able to get another hour of sleep. Even with Patrick waking me up with the lights on in the bathroom and hall way. lol

I went to the neighbors, took them some goodies, and played a game of cribbage. I got another "skunk" in! They were so sweet! They gave me an angel necklace that is awesome! Wearing it now! I got the pineapple upside down cake in the oven. That will be ready for tomorrow.

Yesterday was another great day! I got a lot of quilting done. I played on the computer and the sat and quilted for about 4 hours. I started here, and got around the corner of the flower.

That took a few rounds and then I went into the "V" area.

A couple more rows and then that part will be done. I can then start to work on the bigger area above it. So far everything is tight and working out great. Of cause Charlie is enjoying the quilt as well. She got mad at me the other day when she came in. It was raining, and we were playing cards, so Patrick told me to move the quilt before she got on it. She beat me there, so I picked her up, with her grabbing the quilt every chance she got! Then finally moved her off the quilt, put it in the room (she followed me there), and shut the door. I brought out my quilted bag, and put it on the floor. For the next 30 mins I was getting "that look" from her. She was upset that she had to down grade to the bag. She has been a part of the Hawaiian quilt from the beginning. She's not going to be too crazy about the fact that when it's done, it goes on the bed, and she can't go on the bed. lol

I hope all is well with everyone, and that all of you are having a wonderful Christmas Season! Best wishes to all, and I hope you can find time to be Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's the Holiday Season!

As each day passes, I think of what we did as children years ago, what we did when our children were around, and what we will be doing this year.

One of our traditions is making goodies for all the friends and neighbors. I don't seem to have as many "friends and neighbors" to give to as we used to. Some have passed, moved or we have moved. Both Katt and Phill have moved on as well. So, their friends don't pop in like they did when they were growing up. I had often wished their friends would come over more often, but found out my children felt we were doing better then their friends, and they didn't want them to feel bad.

This week was Christmas fudge, bon bons, almond roca, peanut brittle, peanut blossoms, and whatever I could  think of to make. We put all the plates together, and I delivered one already. One will be delivered on Christmas Eve.

Had to clean "the toilet" for Charlie and just had to take a photo of her drinking out of the toilet! lol This was a gift to Patrick, since he works as Superintendent at the Treatment Plant. Hard to believe he will have been doing this (Treatment Plant) job for 30 years come February. I'm thinking of what to do for that.

Friday was quilting with mom's group. I took my Liberty blocks that I'm working on. I got the left leave done that has the blossom. I was talking with a couple other quilters about how small these pieces are and since I'm doing them by hand applique, it's taking a while. We talked about embroidering the crack instead of appliqueing it down. On top of that I have found the back basting has helped me out because I can gauge the size I need in the "spot." I'm using the back basting method more than I thought I would.

Last night I worked on both blocks. I finished the right leave of the bell block and then finished the leaves that lay over the sticks. Then I started putting the center leaves done on this block. I have one more to finish, and then I can applique the center flower in! After that, the fun begins with embroidery. I'm looking forward to doing he embroidery on all of these blocks.

The other night, I was able to get this far on the Hawaiian quilt. I'm getting closer to getting this done. There is one area that I'm a little worried about, but I think the quilting will take care of it. I'm hoping to get as much as I can done before the end of the year, but for some reason, I tend to want to play on the computer more than anything lately.

I think I'm trying to relax and get back on track after I resigned from The Applique Society. I still feel TAS needs help. I'll get over it one of these days! I even pulled out of the Seabeck Retreat, because I didn't feel comfortable going with those involved. I REALLY wanted to go too! But I think that was a good choice on my part, I don't want to be that uncomfortable at a Retreat that is supposed to relax me.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (just in case I don't post between now and then).

May you be Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Busy Week!

Yesterday started out early. So, I didn't get much sleep, but that's okay too.

By 8:30 am I was over at mom's house, getting all the stuff ready to decorate a table at the church's women's social.

This was the table we did for the women's Christmas gathering. There were 7 tables all decorated by different women of the church.

Since there wasn't a lot of room to be able to take a really good photo, I ended up doing it from the head of the tables. They all were really pretty tables.

This one was the head of the rest of the tables.

So more decorated then others, but all a joy to see! We sang songs, gifts where given and a story was told. We had homemade sandwiches - with fresh homemade bread! - salads, and tons of cookies and goodies.

This table had the manger displays.

This manger I hadn't seen in a long time. We used to have this one in our house every year for Christmas. Mom and dad bought it while we were in Japan way back in 1970. I didn't know mom still had it, but it was fun to see it out in show again.

Here's mom having a great time.

After the wonderful time with the church ladies, I came home and ended up making Almond Roca and Peanut Brittle. I needed to have more stuff done to send to Katt in Pullman.

I have a lot of fun making candy!

Today is a quieter day. But I did start the Bon Bon's today, and still going to make one more batch of Peanut Brittle, as Patrick will have this one eaten before I can give them out as gifts!

Bowling tonight, and hoping I do a lot better than I did on Wednesday. Still have Christmas shopping to do, going to Rose's house tomorrow to work on potholders and slippers. So, we'll see how far we get. Need the pot holders for Christmas gifts - so if you get one, act surprised! lol

Best wishes to all today, and may you be Happy Quilting.

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do...