Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow, where has the time gone?! I'm sitting here thinking I need to write in my post, and realized I haven't been on it since around Christmas time. At yet it's the 11th of January already.

Just around Christmas time, I was able to get some quilting done on the quilt.  And of course it had to snow just before we leave on the plane at Portland, OR.

As I was pulling out the quilt, knowing I hadn't worked on it since Thanksgiving, I found I had one more center point that needed to be done. I went and quilted in the center with white quilting thread. The purple quilting thread was not touched while I completed this area.

As time came around for us to leave for Las Vegas, I decided I would take something easy to work on. I wasn't sure how much work I would be able to get done, so I took along three blocks and some fabric. On the flight I played games with my DS.

Now you have to hear this, as it's now become a family joke. My dear sweet brother, who is 4 years my junior, and who is also named Patrick, bought the tickets for all of us. When I say all of us, that would be my parents, my husband and myself. The day before we were to leave - New Years Day - my husband, Patrick, told me my brother put my ticket in my maiden name. Okay, now what?! He then calls the airline we are to fly out on and they told him to bring our marriage license and we will be fine.

The next morning we get down to Portland, give all the information to the counter personnel, he said, "Looks good," and directs us to the gate we need to be at. The TSA line was long, so we are patient. After about 10 mins, we are at the lead TSA guy. He looks at my license, my marriage license (copy), and proceeds to call "code 1" in his collar. He stands there, not really knowing what to do, so I took my stuff and backed over to the side. Told Patrick and my parents to go ahead and go through. Course, mother being mother, had to ask them how long it would take. I'm waiting about 10 more mins for someone to come, as the guy at the check out area has called "Code 1" about 3 x's before a lady comes up and asks if there is any problems. He informs her he has been calling "Code 1" for some time and no one has showed up, and at the next counter another "Code 1" as accrued. Lucky me. I will say at this point, growing up in the military and flying all over the world did have me prepared for what was going to happen. So, surprisingly enough, I was patient. I normally would be going crazy, but since I know all about the problems of getting on a plane after all these years, it really hasn't changed. Thanks, dad. After telling her I was going to my brothers (the Col.)'s retirement and he bought the tickets, the gal pulls me over to another counter, looks at both licenses and say, "You've been married how long?"  Now this is where you smile and say, 30 years. The gal then looks at me and says, "How well do you know your brother?" and "Doesn't he know you have been married 30 some years?" That's when I say, yes, he does and believe it or not, he's also a Col. in the Air Force. She gets on the phone to call the "No Fly List" and talks to the person on the other ends. She explains my position, and I hear her say, "Yea you would wonder, wouldn't you?" Not good. I passed the no fly list. She then says, "follow me." I follow her passed everyone in the line to the x-ray machines, and told to take my jacket, watch, shoes, etc., off. I put them in the bucket she is holding for me. Then she put a cone in front and behind my bucket, telling the people behind the machine, "this is Code 1." I ended up passing a lady in a wheel chair to get through the body machine. Told to hold my hands up for a sec. I thought it would be more polite to let the lady in the wheel chair go, but NOPE, I had to go first. After that, I was taken over to another counter where another gal was "pure." She was really clean, nice and proceeded to tell me I was going to get a "Pat Down." Great, been there before too. As she was telling me all the areas she will be touching, I'm say, "Okay, no problem, that's okay, no problem, let's get on with this." She told me, "I have to tell you what I'm doing." Okay, great, more time wasted, since I've been there, done that. I got the full pat down. Then she takes her gloves and runs a roller over them, onto a strip. The strip goes into the machine, "Okay, that's good, you pass." She tells me I can now go, Oh, but wait, I need to check your shoes. Go for it. She looks over my stuff in the box, then pulls out my shoes, and runs another piece of tape on them, puts them in the machine. "Okay, you passed, your good to go." "Wait, don't you have a cell phone or something?" My reply was, "Yes, but I gave them to my husband when he went through ahead of me." Okay now I can go.

Now, while I was going through all this, my mother, being my mother, goes and asks how long it will take. On top of that, as I turn around while the gal is on the phone, there is my husband and parents, stand on the other side waving at me! Mom is then sign language (as much as she can) to me asking what is going on. I gave her the phone sign and she continues to smile and wave. Lucky me!

My brother's retirement wasn't due till the 4th, so we go over to their house in Las Vegas. Decorated to the 9's with Christmas stuff. It was wonderful. Told brother Patrick the story, and he loved it! The next day we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's in Fort Mahovy AZ. We stayed there for two nights. It's was a lot of fun and a lot of game playing.

So, between the two places, I was able to work on my blocks.

My Affairs of the Heart block #32. I had the one heart already set and ready to applique, so that one is almost complete.

This is the Baltimore Album quilt block I started before we left and

This is how much I got done. I did redo the center red flowers, as I didn't make them long enough or the leaves to cover. The more I get done, the more I like it. The skinny stems are pretty easy with the back basting method.

This is the Liberty bell one, and I'm ready to do the bell itself. I found some gray fabric in Las Vegas at a quilt shop. If you ever get the chance in Las Vegas, go to the Fabric Boutique. It's at 4465 W. Charleston Ave, Las Vegas, NV. They also have a website: Check them out!

Okay back to finishing stuff (or trying to).

As you can see, I did finish around the inside of the center point. Now I'm going around the design in purple and will start to echo again as soon as I have the center outline done - where I need it.

You can see, I'm not quite done yet, but it is coming along. This is the areas that I need to finish.

The whole time I was gone, I believe Charlie (my adopted cat) missed me. She hasn't left my side since I've been back. When I quilt on the quilt, she is right there on my legs with the quilt under her. She keeps an eye on my computer and me. Like right now shes leaning as close to my arm as she can get.

Okay, my brother retired on the 4th of January. It was an awesome ceremony.

He's retirement box, after 25 years of service. Our family couldn't be any more proud of him!

His awesome shadow box.

Checking out his new plane. He will be piloting this plane for a company in Les Vegas. He is joining a good friend of his from the military who also loves to fly. They flew together and work great together. This is my brother, Patrick, and myself. (Should have dressed better, but owe well.)

We wish him the best, and know the Lord blesses him.

Okay, it's a New Year, and I need to finish more. I'm finding myself wanting to do more things! I only finished 4 things and have already started 2 projects. I need to finish 2 more before I can start another one!! But boy do I have things that look good and wanting me to start them.

If I could just quit playing games all day and be Happy Quilting.....I would get my rear going and finish a few things. I'm getting there. I've told myself, if I get 2 hrs in a day, I'm doing good. This is a weekend, so I'm going to go downstairs and turn the stove on, and try to be Happy Quilting......

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