Saturday, February 16, 2013

Where did the week go??

I can't believe this week went so fast, and yet I did get some stuff done, just not enough.

I was able to get the most of the purple flowers done. I'm now working on the echoing around the flowers. This shouldn't take long, but you know how things go when you plan something and it doesn't work out.

Over the last week, I did get a set of patterns from my son's girlfriend in cross stitch to help proof read. So, I'm supposed to do the pattern to make sure I know what she is saying. So far so good. Trouble is - that's one more thing I need to do. They are easy and quick, so I just need to sit down and do them. And of course, my brain is say - "Aww, I want to do that --- pattern!," "Oh, that should be easy, I can do it in no time," and "I really want to do that." Of course, that doesn't help me get done with what I already started! So, I'm holding my own and trying really hard not to do that "awww" project for awhile. I really do want to do another Lavender & Lace cross stitch pattern. I must have a good 20 patterns by now. Just where my brain needs to go!

I missed my group meeting this week because we were trying to get our cell phones upgraded and get the new plan. Man oh man, what an ordeal! Anyway, we finally got the phones on Thursday (our meeting) and got the plan going okay. What a pain. But now I'm learning how to use the smart phone and so far fell in love with it. 

So, as of today, this is were I am with the one corner of my quilt. Hopefully I can get this quilted this week. I'm behind on laundry and crafts. lol 

Hoping this week goes better then last, and still Happy Quilting......

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