Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day Before Retreat

It's Easter Sunday, and the day before I head off to Retreat. May you all have a wonderful Easter with your friends and family! The weather is wonderful and reminds me of when I was a little girl looking for those Easter eggs.

Well, I think I'm ready. Luckily we don't have to take a lot of supplies as Nancy Chong has kits waiting for us. The back basting class has some supplies as well. We did get the photo of what we will be back basting so it was easy to pick the fat quarters we needed for the class. I don't think I have ever gone to a retreat with what little I am taking - before!

I have been baking more lately, not that that helps my gluten intake. Being sensitive to gluten can be a major pain, when you love to bake and eat fresh bread! But life goes on and I bake for friends and family.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so you can pretty much get the idea that I didn't get much if any quilting in. (NO the quilt is not done yet). Patrick did a lot of yard work out there, and as you can tell, he is in his own little world when he mows.

I pulled out my camera and started to check to make sure everything was there that I wanted to take. I even pulled out my close up lens and took a few photos -

That's what you call "playing around." I wanted to get the humming birds but they wouldn't come around when I had the camera - go figure.

The last few days I have been able to quilt, I did. I was at this point on Thursday, and then the weekend came. Friday was one of those days I missed I stayed home! Went to my mother's quilt group Friday morning (after running round with my head chopped off), and ended up making 7 more needle cases to give out at retreat! Luckily Ethel told me to sew around them and she would get the ribbon and finish them. BUT I have yet to figure out my mother! She doesn't know where anything is! We used the ribbon a couple weeks before to make the cases her and I said we would. THEN Friday she was getting "PO'd" at me for asking her where stuff was! Did she know?? - NO! UGH. So, I ended up using what I found on hand and then gave them to Ethel to put the ribbon in and sew them up. Talked to her last night and she had to redo one of them, and I figured that would be the case, as one of them I was having trouble with. At least those are done. We had 2 months to do this, and we had one gal that "forgot." So, those 7 had to be done by today. I always hate that. And of course, I'm the one in that group that ends up picking up the pieces because no one else will. Everyone wants to work on their stuff and forget about helping. I have decided to quit going to my mother's group for a while. I'm tired of being the host.

And now we are at this post of quilting. I would love to have this part done before going tomorrow, but not sure I will make it. Patrick wants to make a day of it. Sounds like we are going bike riding and to the casino. Not the smartest place to go on Easter Sunday, but since both kids are gone, and mom and dad decided they wanted to go to friends instead of spending Easter with us, we are on our own once again. (That's what I get when I tick mom off.)

So, today is sunny and bright, I'm getting ready to go biking - which I love to do and need to get my legs used to it again - and then out to eat. I'm hoping to come home and be Happy Quilting........but who know how this day will end. 

May you all have a Wonderful Easter and be Happy Quilting.....

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