Monday, March 18, 2013

Time Gets By

Another week has almost gone by and I haven't posted anything. Funny how I can think of what to post and then I don't get there at all.

On Thursday last week we had our quilt group meeting. I took the quilt along with me. We picked another name for the next friendship quilt. Luckily it wasn't me. I have an idea of what I want to make but still haven't decided. Plus I need to buy background fabric for the quilt. I really do need to sit down and figure out what I want to do.

I was able to get a few stitches in on the quilt. I'm getting more done then I have been getting in awhile.

The weather was so nice recently, that I went out around the house to take a few pictures of the flowers blooming. The tulips are starting to come up as well.

Patrick's flowers are looking great. Pretty soon he'll start working on the garden.

I'll be heading to a friends tomorrow and then have a great day with my cousin, who I haven't seen for some time. I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

Been doing the usually laundry and cleaning the house. We actually cleaned our bedroom by moving all the furniture and vacuuming as well as window washing. Spring cleaning is here.

Patrick was hungry for Rice Krispie bars, so made them. Didn't take long before Patrick and Phill helped themselves to the goodies.

I've been trying to get the two corners and the side done. I'm hoping to get moving on them, but lately I seem to be trying harder then usually. Guessing it is my usual way of finishing things. I get close to having them done and then it takes me a couple weeks to do what would normally take a couple days. It's like letting a child go, I guess. I worked on this area the past two days.

I have decided to do the echoing around the side first and work the corners next. I have to do the flowers on the edge of the quilt to be able to work in the echoing around the sides.

We took a break on Saturday and went to the OZ movie. It has a great ending. The rest of the movie, I'm still trying to decide how I liked it.

Then yesterday, I pulled out an old movie from the movies we have been collecting over the years. It was a Spencer Tracey and Catherine Hepburn movie that I hadn't seen. Funny I didn't notice that sooner! lol I did enjoy that movie, even though at times it didn't seem to be going fast enough. Old movies are wonderful to watch! I find a lot of the older movies are a lot better than the new ones.

So, now, I'm going to go and get more done on my quilt. The next time you see me, I'll be Happy Quilting.....

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