Monday, April 15, 2013

Here we go again.....

The weekend went great. Had a visit with part of my family. Amazing how time flies.

Took the usual walk with my neighbor, Ruth and her dog, Willie. As you can see,he wasn't game for getting his photo taken. No matter how I moved, he did too.

I've had to put my quilt aside for awhile and get started on doing the afghan for Abby. She graduates in June and I wanted to make sure I gave myself plenty of time to work on it.The nice thing about afghans is that they seems to go faster and at times are more fun. (or so I think, till I'm ready to do something else.)

I found this pattern on and it is pretty easy, except you can't make mistakes and think no one will notice. I had to take out the first black row about 2 x's before I realized it was in the row before it.

It's different, but at the same time, it's in Abby's colors.

I tok my camera along this morning to take a few pictures. I actually wanted to get the dog across the way crossing the street charging Ruth, but when he saw the camera, he backed off. Had a good walk and had to get some photos around the yard. 

Neighbors tree.

I found the tulips that my hubby has been growing and coming up. They are really pretty. Plus I wanted to get the water drops on them. I'm going to post a few of them on my "Pinterest" page.

It was a busy weekend and I'm happy to be back to doing the usual thing lately. I had to run around today and go into town. Needed to go to Micheals for a plastic envelope bag for my friendship blocks I'm going to have everyone do for me. I bought a couple "journals" for $1 a piece, and will use those for the projects I'm working on. I then had to go to the post office to mail out my CD's of the retreat. After that I ended up going to the bank to make a deposit for the the company I work for. Of course, I had to stop and get a veggie sub for lunch. I was happy to come home with a sub sandwich for lunch instead of trying to fix something.

Getting back to my afghan and hope to be Happy Quilting sooooooon.

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