Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thunderstorm as I write this

I love a good thunderstorm and unplugged my computer so I could still work on the computer. We've had days of thunderstorms in the last couple weeks. A couple weeks ago, it was one storm after another, and I was almost getting tired of them. Then this morning it started up and was on top of us. Loved it! People around here think I'm nuts, but I do love a good thunderstorm. I remember the ones we had in Maryland, and those were the best!

I've been getting a lot of applique done, and still working hard for The Applique Society. We are starting to pull ourselves out of a mess, but we're doing great!

I got the bell on this block done this week. I actually finished it on Friday, but as you can see I need to get the strips and crack on it. I'm thinking about taking the flowers off, I'm really not happy with the way they came out.

If you click on the photo, you might be able to see the center leaf that I cut when I was working on fixing my stem. I put the sticks on and found I completely missed a stem. The good news was that I didn't need to remove the stick, I could just take out part of one stem that twisted under the stick, and then put the stem on. Once I did that, I appliqued the stem down, then replaced the unattached stem and sewed it down as well. All was good, till I noticed I cut right up the middle of one of my leaves.

One of my quilting friends brought me some Kale and I made chips! It was awesome! Patrick - surprisingly - loves the chips, so he ate the hole thing!

I have been doing baking more lately. My bread machine died. So, I'm doing it the old fashioned way. I made buns for hamburgers this week as well. They turned out great!

The ones on the side where just rolls. This was while I left them to rise.

My Thursday group has been bringing in my friendship blocks. They are turning out great!

I'm getting excited about what I'm going to do with them. I still need one more block done by someone, and I'm not worried about it, I know someone will be willing to do it for me.

So, now that I've filled you in on my quilting "world," I'm looking forward to a good rain storm and planning on being Happy Quilting........

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