Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good Morning, Sunday!

It's Sunday morning and I was able to sleep in for the first time in a very long time. It felt good. Funny how one gets weird dreams that tend to wake you up! I had a couple of those, or the ones that tend to tell you what you should do in the morning. Those tend to keep me up. But last night was awesome, I actually slept.

I worked on the quilt a couple more days this week. Charlie was laying on my lap as I was working on it. Half on me and half on the couch with the quilt over her.

Last night I was at this point on my quilt (still the side of it).

I put in about 1-2 hrs of quilting time and was able to get this far. I'm hoping to work on it today while watching TV - but that is in questions, as I'm playing POGO with a friend and we both need to win 65 game of Dominoes. We play a couple hrs last night and were able to get both of us up to 25 wins. I even had Patrick play a couple for me, as I had to do a few things.

We are talking about going to my daughters for Thanksgiving. I just hope the Apple Cup (WSU vs UW) isn't in Pullman then. With our luck it will be the year it's in Pullman.

I haven't done much applique work lately. We do have our meeting this week, so I need to finish up the two blocks I was working on.

My parents are leaving to visit my Uncle and my brother this week, which means we will stil have a meeting without her. She has a quilter house sitting for them.

I'm hoping this week will have me Happy Quilting......more than I have been this last week. May you have a great day and be Happy Quilting.

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