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Life is Fun!

Funny how I think I should "write that in the blog" and when the time comes, the day went and I stll haven't written it in the blog. Go figure!

My soon to be daughter-in-law has been finding interesting things about my ancestors that have been keeping me looking for more exciting things to come. One of the things she found out was that my 7th great grandmother was captured by the Indians and sold to the British. She was with both of them for 2 years before released.

That got me wondering, am I a 5th or a 8th generation quilter? How many of my ancestors, here in the US, quilted? History tells us that quilting was a part of life. They quilted for blankets and necessity, which goes back generations. We have seen a few quilts that were done in the 1700's but most of them where gone. All because the used them. I know I'm 5th generation, because I have seen quilts, let alone have quilt blocks from all 5 generations. I have a quilt my grandmother and great grandmother m…

Getting blocks done!

As I sit here writing this, I again realize I'm not good at blogging! lol

This week has been busy! It's hard to believe how one can go from having a boring week to being so busy one can't think...oh, well, that's life.

On Thursday, I went with my parents to Olympia to find out how dad's MRI turned out. The doctor wants to wait another 6 months to see if his aneurysm grows. He is at 5 cm and they are waiting till it's a little bigger. So, dad, is half Norwegian (actually 22%), and all he can think about is food. Since we were up in Olympia they wanted to stop at the grocery store and get some bread. We went into a store named "Haggens" and I was in Heaven!

The bread is fresh daily, and I loved the layout of the store!

Sent my son this photo to see what bread he wanted. Bought 3 different breads!! AND I can't eat breads!! But I love a good bread. Even my homemade breads are good.

As I was taking this photo, dad decided to walk in front of me! This i…

Thunderstorm as I write this

I love a good thunderstorm and unplugged my computer so I could still work on the computer. We've had days of thunderstorms in the last couple weeks. A couple weeks ago, it was one storm after another, and I was almost getting tired of them. Then this morning it started up and was on top of us. Loved it! People around here think I'm nuts, but I do love a good thunderstorm. I remember the ones we had in Maryland, and those were the best!

I've been getting a lot of applique done, and still working hard for The Applique Society. We are starting to pull ourselves out of a mess, but we're doing great!

I got the bell on this block done this week. I actually finished it on Friday, but as you can see I need to get the strips and crack on it. I'm thinking about taking the flowers off, I'm really not happy with the way they came out.

If you click on the photo, you might be able to see the center leaf that I cut when I was working on fixing my stem. I put the sticks on an…

What Happened to August?

August seemed to have come and gone. I'm amazed at how busy and how fast that month went by. It felt good to have September come in and to have less on the calendar of things to do.

The internet and phone have been acting up today, so who knows if this will get posted. I've been thinking of what to post and then before I know it, a week and a half goes by.

The Applique Society has been keeping me busy. I'm trying to get the website up current and running again. We had a great time at the quilt show. I'd really like to see more members come in, and I'm trying to work on getting TAS up to the point where people would love to be members. I've been collecting photos and stories of TAS members so we can have them featured in the newsletter. I'm really excited about how far we can go with TAS.

I've been working on my applique lately. I realize I have friendship blocks to do, but still need to think about those. So, I've been working on the Baltimore Liber…