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Getting the Baby Afghan Made

The last couple days has been awesome. Of course, I'm still being lazy and playing games, but other than that, I've been crocheting. 
I love to crochet! It's so easy and fast. I tend to get stuff done faster when I crochet or knit then I do with quilting. 

I was able to get 2 sets of rows done the last couple nights. Each stripped area is 6 rows. The bottom of the afghan is the pink. 
Tonight is bowling night, so hopefully we can "kick butt." Problem is that I'm not feeling all that great and my voice is almost gone. I didn't get much sleep last night and now I have a feeling it's because a cold is coming on. Funny thing is, I feel fine as far as my body goes, it's just my voice and a little "fuss" in the head. LOL - if one asked my family - they'd say I have a little "fuss" in the head anyway! lol
Life has been quiet lately. My son is in the process of getting a house, and moving out. I'll probably be jumping for joy w…

Quiet Week

This week has been pretty quiet compared to the last month. I do enjoy a quiet week. Not too much going on, and then again, not much going on with my crafts either.

I did do some quilting over the weekend, then come this week, I had to figure out what I was going to do with the baby afghan. I started a zig zag afghan, had about 6 rows done, and took it out. I didn't like the way it was looking.

So, I went on line and looked for another pattern.

I was able to get this much done last night.I like the way it looks, and it's really easy to do. I found this pattern at - another blogspot blogger. I changed the colors from what "Modern Grace" had.

I found something interesting while cooking yesterday! I needed some mushrooms and when to get some out of the bag I had. When I pulled out a mushroom, I found a mushroom that was a double mushroom! First time I have ever seen that!

Weird looking mushroom!

Had a Great Walk this Morning!

This morning was cooler. It was really a nice day to get out there and walk. The fall season is here and the trees are starting to turn. It's one of the reasons I love it up here in Washington!

The colors are coming out so bright!

Love the blueberry trees that turn colors.

Of course, Charlie, was waiting on me and wanted me to get moving and let her in.

Miss attitude!

Yesterday turned out awesome! I actually got to quilt. I gave Patrick my game on Pogo (game site He played with my neighbor and I quilted! It was so nice!

I finished that area I showed.

It was so much fun to get that done!

Then I went to the triangle and filled it in, didn't like it being open. lol

Then I moved over to this area. I was able to get the white quilting in the leaf area, but only outlined it. I'm now working on filling in the leaf and getting the border outline done. Once I do that I can go in the white area and start echoing there.

I need to figure out an afghan pattern for a baby…

Good Morning, Sunday!

It's Sunday morning and I was able to sleep in for the first time in a very long time. It felt good. Funny how one gets weird dreams that tend to wake you up! I had a couple of those, or the ones that tend to tell you what you should do in the morning. Those tend to keep me up. But last night was awesome, I actually slept.

I worked on the quilt a couple more days this week. Charlie was laying on my lap as I was working on it. Half on me and half on the couch with the quilt over her.

Last night I was at this point on my quilt (still the side of it).

I put in about 1-2 hrs of quilting time and was able to get this far. I'm hoping to work on it today while watching TV - but that is in questions, as I'm playing POGO with a friend and we both need to win 65 game of Dominoes. We play a couple hrs last night and were able to get both of us up to 25 wins. I even had Patrick play a couple for me, as I had to do a few things.

We are talking about going to my daughters for Thanksgivi…

A Quiet Day!

Today is a quite day! I went to get a mammogram today. LOL - So it starts out pretty quick. I even stopped and got milk at the store. While I was there, I picked up two Chi Tea's for me and my hubby. I thought I would drop his off at work to give him a "pick me up." He was surprised to see me. Love it when I do that! lol

My helper!
We bowled last night and that didn't turn out very well! lol

Today I have been working on the 2015 Give away quilt for The Applique Society! I'm so excited about this!! We are working with P&B fabrics to see if they can donate the fabrics. Then I'm going to work with Jeannie Austin (her designs for the quilt!) to get this out to the ones that said they would help.  I need to send out emails to them to let them know.

I learned last night, I have 9 weeks to get a baby gift made for a friend of ours! I'm thinking about doing a baby afghan. That would be the quickest thing to do. I'm not sure if I want to knit it or crochet…

Tuesday, Oh, My!

Today is Tuesday....oh, my. Where does the time fly?

Since the last time I "blogged," I was at this point on my quilt. I'm thrilled at how fast this is going!

I actually bowled really good on Sunday, so the quilt was left alone on that evening. I didn't get anything done on it that day. I was visiting with Jeannie Austin to work on the 2015 Give-A-Way quilt for The Applique Society! I'm so excited about using her patterns! She is working with me on getting this quilt for 2015! I even talked to a very dear friend, Dian Keepers - who is well known in the machine quilting area and she said she would love to do the quilt when it's ready to be quilted next year! I'm stoked! Jeannie is awesome. She's so much fun to be around. She had way more quilts in her house than my mother does! I asked if she was still teaching and she said she does but not so much. I told her when she's ready to get her feet wet again, I could have a class for her in Centralia.


Good Morning all!

Good morning all. It's starting out to be a great day, but I know there is more to come in this day! Has to be more, since it's only 8:30 am.

Yesterday was interesting, but informative. I had dad come get me and take me to the eye doctor. It was quick, and with the "fog" in my eye, I was told it was a "silent" migraine. Woo Hoo! This one was SILENT! I told him I could live with those. He also told me he was surprised I didn't have the headache that follows and then the nausea. I told me I don't do things the way everyone else does, and that's okay by me. So, not only do I get regular migraines, I get two different kinds of silent ones! As long as the silent ones come and go, I'm okay with that!

I had quilting at mom's afterwords. It was a full house - no room in the living room for everyone and we were missing two of our regulars. I ended up being in everyone's path and had to move every time someone needed to get a cup of coffee or …

Friday morning

It's Friday morning and I've got quilting to go to. Or so I thought. Have you had one of those days, thinking you could get a good night sleep, and the next day would be better?! Guess not!

Yesterday while my husband was taking me to the doctors appointment, he received a call from his boss's boss. He was informed his boss was no longer working for Chehalis. Did you know that is like being told someone "died?" Seriously, you think, what the heck just happened, why now?, etc.

While at the doctors office, chatting with the doctor, I'm thinking "Great, a hot flash now?! come on!" Glasses fog up and I'm still chatting as if nothing happened. After a few minutes, I said, "wow, guess I'm going through a hot flash, my glasses haven't cleared up!" Give the doctor credit, he didn't say a word! As I wait for the information from the nurse on my visit, I noticed it wasn't my glasses that fogged up, it was my eye! I went out to Pat…

Life without a Car!

If you would have told me a week ago, I would be without a car, I wouldn't have blinked. Most of my days are here at home. Not because I have to be, but because I choose to be. I don't like going to work, too much garbage with other workers that drives me nuts. That being said, I figured now that I don't have a car, my brain has decided I need a car!

When Phil was in the car accident on Wednesday, I felt okay with letting him use my car. Why not?! I wasn't using it, and 4 out of 5 days the car was parked in the driveway, or Patrick's truck was there. No worries, didn't need it.

SO,.....why is it that now that I don't have a car, I need one??! This week I'm without, and guess what! Quilting is the next two days. On top of that, I had to take Patrick to work yesterday, go to the quilt shop to work on two more classes for my two Applique groups, and then go pick him up to get our flu shots.

Quilter's Junction moved to 404 S. Tower #5, Centralia.

The st…

Things are getting done slowly.

Sunday was a good day for getting more quilting done! I rolled the quilt again, so it's slowly getting there. I'm close to half way with this one. 

I was a little more disappointed in the way this was put together. I thought all quilters knew when they have light colored fabrics, you don't sew them together with navy blue or black thread. What in the world was this person thinking? (I didn't say that did I?) I'm sorry, I really like this quilt, but I'm finding as I quilt, there are black/navy blue threads that were used to sew the white and yellow areas. I could not believe it. It makes the design look "dirty" when you look at them. 

I also found it very hard to do the seam area. This was paper pieced and I'm finding they didn't trim the fabric so that it would be easier to quilt by the seams. So, I decided to go up the middle of the piece. By doing that, I found the "extra" fabrics behind are still there. They were not trimmed. I r…

Back to Quilting!

After a few months of hot weather, it has finally cooled down enough to quilt again. Let's hope this year I get the quilt done by December! I remember trying to get it done by our Retreat, and that failed! I do know Nancy Chong will be there again this year so the good news is, if I get it done this time she can see it finished. lol

I worked on this quilt again on Sunday. Will probably be working on it again today. 
Wednesday while we were eating and getting ready to go bowling, we received a call from my son, saying he was fine and was in a car accident. We had to drop everything and go get him. He was okay, with cuts and bruising but he could stand on his feet. Surprising considering the shape the car was in. We are VERY thankful he came out fine. In the meantime, he's using my car. Funny how you don't realize how much you depend on your car till you don't have it. 
The last couple days I've been working on the Hawaiian quilt at night. I'm getting quiet a bit…