Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One more UFO OFF my List!!

Today started out as busy as the rest.  I helped pick blueberries for Ruth after we were done walking. My cribbage friend said his wife went to the emergency room yesterday and was there from 11 am to 9 pm last night. Looks like she's having problems with her lungs which are making it hard for her to swallow. She's on a liquid diet till she sees the specialist tomorrow morning at 8 am. Please send your prayers for her.

I got home, KNOWING I needed to go downstairs and work on the quilt....well.....I really didn't want, I stalled.

How you ask?! Well I baked this ...

Wild Alaskan Blueberry Buckle 

Recipe belongs my daughter-in-law at Crazy Cucia Chica: Desserts. (click on the link) This was AWESOME! I asked her the other day what would be a good dessert for my blueberries, and she told me about this buckle cake. I needed to make a dessert for Patrick, so I made it today! I had it after supper today and man, oh man, I was thrilled! This is going in my favorites book.

Okay, after I did the cake, I realized I needed to get back to my laundry....then I looked around to see what else I could do before I go downstairs. Oh, yah, I needed something to drink before I went down got my ice tea. Oh, yea, had to check the internet to see what my games were that I need to work on, on Pogo.....dang, better get down I headed down there.

This was waiting for me. I picked it up and sewed it, but oh, dang!, it didn't work right, so I ripped it out, sewed it back up - crap, still didn't work called....talked to her, she told me to just put it away and go back later. Told her, nope, one more time then I'll quit. That time it worked! Then went to the last corner, and had to rip that one out as well. But once I got done, it was DONE! I FINISHED IT! I ironed the corners, liked what I saw and cut the extra off the corners. I left a big seam...JUST IN CASE! Now I need to get it ready for basting. I'm going to have to go look for a sheet that will work for the back. I always use sheets, and believe it or not, sheets last longer than the quilt top!

Put it on the bed to see how it looked.

Perfect size for mom! I just hope she likes it as much as Patrick does. I like it, but wish I could have had it put together a little better. It's hard to put blocks together that are smaller than the rest of them. I'm Okay with that. t turned out great otherwise.

Dumped everything out of my bag, so I could organize myself better. I had so much fabric and projects in there, I decided to weed it down to what I'm doing next.

My guilt block - the basket.

Need to finish the embroidery on this block - Still have to do the applique on the lighter background block. I had to go find my fabrics for the other block.

The end result of my dump job! I actually cleaned it up, put stuff away and my room is still looking good....not sure how long that will last, but hey! I did put the extra fabric stuff from the quilt in a zipper bag - in case I need the fabric later. All together and put away! Woo Hoo, I actually cleaned up after myself!! lol

This is the TAS bag I bought last year and I still love it! It's perfect for what I need, and I'm going to use this for my trip to MI later. I'm not happy with TAS right now, but I do love the bag. Still haven't decided if I will continue with TAS next year or not.

I'm so excited to mark one more thing off my UFO's list!  I need to get that Affairs of the Heart block done and that may get me closer to another one done! At least I'm hoping that's the case! I am going to try and finish the block at the next meeting or even the second meeting - since I have quilting tomorrow and Friday......I'll let you know how that goes!

In the meantime I am definitely Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So Close!

Yesterday wasn't much to report on, as I didn't do any quilting. I met Rose at Sister's Quilt Shop where she got fabric for her wall hanging. It's one of Nancy Chong's two fabric applique patterns. We worked toward getting the colors to go with her comforter in her bedroom. She also bought fabric for her curtains. Since she is a seamstress, and not a quilter, I'll get her there. lol

This morning I went out walking, played cribbage, and picked blueberries. I also grabbed my camera to take a few pictures of the garden.

Patrick's got the flowers growing so well! They are awesome right now!

His garden is even better.

Spaghetti squash.


Green peppers.

More green peppers.


More tomatoes.

My tree of blueberries. Took me a good hour just to pick my blueberries.

Took a shower and came out to see this on my deck.

I missed my Aunt and Uncle coming from AZ. They dropped off some goodies for me! It's like Christmas in July!! I loved it!! We had supper with them today when Patrick got home. Went through all of this, and put it downstairs ready for Christmas.

Decided to go downstairs and finish the quilt for my mother-in-law. I started working on the rows. One at a time. I started out pinning the rows, and found out that I do better without pins. The pins get me into trouble, so I quit. I did so much better without them. BUT not everyone feels that way - so just because I don't use them, doesn't mean everyone else should stop.

Three rows done! I loved getting this done and it was looking good. I did have 2 blocks that were smaller than the rest, and I knew that going into putting them together. I also didn't realize - till I did the two rows - that the blocks were close to each other. So there are 4 squares in the middle that don't match. I'm okay with that. I didn't want to take it out and redoing it. This is a quilt in the making for over 20 years, so I'm okay with those blocks being a little off.

I finally got all the rows together! This is awesome. I like the way it came out.

I sewed the borders together - this is a photo of two borders. I was happy with the way they turned out. Went through a heck of a lot of black fabric! lol

This is the first border on the quilt! Awesome!

I started working on the mitered corners. I do them a little differently from others. I have dyslexia and some things are easier for me differently from others. I was able to get two corners done, before going out to eat with my parents and Aunt and Uncle. WOO HOO

I'm not jumping up and down yet! I still have two more to go and will do them tomorrow. I haven't cut off the extra fabric on the corners yet, and I like to wait till it's all done, and the corners work right. I don't want to cut them and realize they don't lay flat or even work right.

So, tomorrow I'm going to be doing the mitered corners and being extra Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moms Quilt

Have you ever had one of those days - or reoccurring days? Here's what I put up with EVERY weekend -

I sit and play games while Patrick sleeps in. He gets up, then turns the TV on. What does he watch - you ask?! Well, he goes straight to the food network. Think he likes Trisha Yearwood and that other gal after. Anyway, he sits and eats, then before you know it, he's gone. Whether he's outside working in the yard or if he's down the hall. It seems like he has radar! If I change the channel, he comes in and sits down, "did you change the channel? I was watching that." So, we change the channel back and within 5-10 mins, he gone again. So, I sit here wondering what he's trying to tell me. TV is his or watch this food channel and cook something good for me?! Which is it? Heck if I know.

So, after awhile of this, I did my ball exercises and headed downstairs.

I put the two rows together that I had done yesterday. Then I started on the other blocks.

Just as I was getting the blocks put together - the fun part of sewing on a machine - the bobbin went empty and I sewed at least 3 blocks before I even noticed the thread was out.

So, I had to get more bobbins ready. I loaded three bobbins so I wouldn't have to do that again! Now they are ready for when I run out again.

As I was getting close to having all the blocks done, I realized I need 4 more squares. I had to go and cut more 2 1/2" squares. I also cut some of my border fabric to make sure I had enough to cut more squares. Thankfully I have plenty.

I lined the rows on my quilt frame. I also worked on the bottom row. I need to complete the work on the bottom row, and then I can sew the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows together. I have rows 1 and 2 already sewn on. I did come across some problems with a couple blocks, and had to take it out and put it back together. Then I was able to get back on track.

This should give you a better idea. The row on the left still needs to be sewn together, and the row on the right is done. I have the other rows under that row. This is a good size quilt, and I hope mom likes this. (Actually mother-in-law but I call her mom)

The more I work on this, the more I'm beginning to like this. Yes, it was a pain to do all those applique bees, and yes, I was getting bored with it, but now that it's coming to a close, I'm liking it.

Tomorrow I'm going to a friends house again, then quilting this week is Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Not sure which ones I will be going to. I don't want to go to all of them.

I did start back on the basket block for the guilt wall quilt. I may get more done on that block this week, so I guess it's a wait and see. I'm hoping to get this quilt top done by tomorrow, but with having to go to Rose's and then come home, not sure if I'll be ready to do that. I don't want to drag this out. Plus the best part of all this, is that one more UFO will be done.

If all goes well, I'll still be Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Working on Finishing the Quilt!

Yesterday, I bought fabric. UGH - Quilter's Juction had a 20% off sale on all fabric. So, I just had to go and see what they had. I was looking for fabrics that would work for the eagle I want  do. This is what I came up with.

Of course, the grey fabric was the end of the bolt and I decided it would work great for the bald eagles head.

I went downstairs this morning to start the quilt, and figured I better put the fabric on the boards. Of course I cleaned everything up so well, that it took me 10 mins to figure out where I put the extra boards!

Once I did, I was happy! You should have seen me looking! I checked out my cabinets, I went upstairs to see if I put it in my draw up here, and I checked the family room downstairs. Then I remember where I put it and pulled them out! What a pain it can be when I clean!!

Today I decided to work on the quilt for my mother-in-law. This is a 20 year project that is now on it's last legs. I'm excited about it - but not really thrilled to be sewing these together. Don't me wrong, I like doing quilts, I hate sewing on the machine. So, I had to be in a good mood to work on the machine, and I had to "enjoy" doing it.

First things first - iron. I ironed all the blocks so that it would be easier to cut the blocks into 12 1/2" unfinished.

Checked out my sheet of instructions (or the measurements of the quilt) and started cutting my black fabric. 

This is for the sashing. 

Next i put the blocks and pieces on the quilt frame behind the sewing machine so I could work with it a little easier. 

I started to sew them together like this, but decided I didn't want to do it that way. I didn't want to have a long strip of black and center squares to deal with as I did the rows. So, I decided to do it a little differently, to make it more accurate. 

I worked with blocks this way, and it worked better. 

After a couple hours of cutting and sewing - more like three hours - I decided my back needed a break. 

This gives you an idea of what the quilt will look like. I will then add three borders to it. It will probably take me a couple days to get this done, but I don't want to rush it. AND if anyone says you can do this quilt in a day - they are crazy! I have yet to do a quilt in a day - let alone two. I can do one in a day, IF I prepped and had all the pieces cut, and ready to go. Even then it would be every hard to do - giving me 8 hrs! Now if you want a 24 hr period of time, then MAYBE but I highly doubt it if you really want to do a good job on what your working on. 

Now I need to get back to my applique blocks and will probably start working on the basket that goes with the guilt wall. Life is good, Life is fun, and Life is Happy Quilting!

Friday, July 25, 2014


Fooled ya! I'm finished with the blocks, now I need to put them all together into a quilt top.

I finished the second of the three blocks I had when I went to the courtroom - yesterday. I decided to take a photo of the two together - for yesterday's post - but I forgot to work on my blog last night. So, I'm making up for not blogging yesterday.

I've been picking more blueberries again. I'll be giving them to my son and his wife. I feel bad, I was on the trail on his Birthday - or I would have posted a Happy Birthday to him on Tuesday.

Went to quilting today. I worked on mom's quilt - marking it, and she worked on my last block. We then put some blocks on the floor to figure out what I would do for the top. I've got all the sizes and stuff for the sashing and borders. Now, if all goes well and Patrick doesn't come up with something to do tomorrow - I'll be working on cutting out what I need and get ready to work putting it all together! I'm actually excited about getting this done! I'll try and have it done, so mom can take it to Kathleen A, and have her baste the quilt while Patrick and I are in MI. Then when I get back, we can get started on quilting it. We'll make it simple and easy to do, so it will go quick and easy.

Loving my flowers. Okay, tomorrow SHOULD be a good day! -Now let's see if Patrick comes up with stuff to do while I try and put this top together! lol

Looking forward to getting this done, and being Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Trial is now over, and we had to convict. I'm a little off today. I did get 3/4's done on my block so I can't say I didn't get anything done today.

I don't like having to convict a young adult but according to the Law we had to do it. Came home and played on the computer. I feel we made the right decision but at the same time, it was hard to do. When a young adult made a stupid mistake, and hurt another person, than they need to be responsible for what they did.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to being Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finished Another Block!

Had Jury Duty today. I was able to finish one block and start another one.

Tomorrow is another day of Jury Duty, but at least I can work on my blocks while we wait on the trail to continue. Will keep you posted tomorrow to see what I'm up to.

Still Happy Quilting!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Got the Job!

LOL - got ya! No I didn't get a "job" but I did get put on the jury. I'm serving on the jury till Wednesday, so I won't be able to post much on here while I'm sitting on a court case.

As for what I'm doing while I'm waiting -

I put all but 2 pieces on this block while waiting on the jury. Not bad, considering. I also placed a game of solitaire while waiting, so I could have had the body on before we left.

So, I came home, went a took a photo of Charlie, for her blog, and these photos of the flowers.

Then I sat my rear down and decided I'm going to play a few games. I need a break and I need to get my mind off the trail. I go back tomorrow morning.

Life is good, and I need to keep telling myself that! This "hiccup" is just that. I won't be able to quilt tomorrow but I will on Friday.

Best wishes to all and may you be Happy Quilting.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


This weekend has been busy! We did more cleaning yesterday for our company! You would think we had the King and Queen of England coming to our house! Nope, not the case, just bowling partners that haven't been here before. Patrick cleaned around every window in the house, vacuumed over what I vacuumed the day before. Oh, well, whatever makes his day!

We had a great visit! We played games well into the evening. Had a blast, and the best part is I WON!!

Today was another one of those days. I got up a little later than usual. Patrick took his shower and I did my ball exercises. Then we headed up to Shelton to the casino. We then went shopping for my sons Birthday gift. Afterwards, we came home and my parents came to take us out to eat.

Gave mom one more block to add to the rest.

I have jury duty tomorrow and will see if I end up on the jury. I'll take a couple blocks to work on, and see how far I get. Mom said it looked like there was one more block that needed to be done. That would be nice, as I have two here. Keeping my fingers crossed. I did get a lot done the last time I was called to the court house.

Hopefully this week will be a better week for being Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do...