Friday, September 12, 2014

All in All a Good Day!

Spent the day at mom's with our quilt group. I worked on my cross stitch today. Got a lot done.

It's coming along pretty good. Had a great visit with quilters. I can't wait to get my finger back in shape so I can start quilting on Judy's quilt.

I did figure out, when ones brain tells one to pay attention and try not to loose something, one should pay attention! I was given an application yesterday, thinking at the time, "pay attention, don't loose this." When I went to pay for the fabric, my brain said, "pay attention and don't forget to pick this up on the way out." WHAT did I do?!? I came home, without the application, looking all over for it. Checked the car, the kitchen, called the shop (but it was closed), and I even went through my stuff. Today, while at the meeting called the shop, and OH YEA, there it was. Ended up going to the shop AGAIN to get it. And of course, I couldn't go into the shop and come out without buying something!! When will I learn?!?

It's getting closer to being Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

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