Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It was a pretty good day today. I went over to mom's since my physical therapy is only a 5 min walk from their house. (If that)

I brought my quilt so she could help me get a few more blocks done.

We laid the quilt out on her floor. This is the area that I have been working on, with the blocks and sashing.

This is another area (on the opposite side) where we had 5 blocks done. I have some sashing done here, but need to do more.

Mom finished one block and I was able to get another one done. I actually worked on one block last night, went to bed, and then at 2:30 this morning I got up and worked on the quilt for another hour and a half.

I enjoyed going over to the folks today. Dad had carved this pumpkin. I remember when we were kids and he would come up with some really cute or ugly pumpkins. He always liked carving the pumpkins and we would be right there with him. We even decorated our pumpkins to see who had the better one. We didn't do that this year, we hardly have any trick or treaters. I do miss it when we were younger.

I'll have the candy ready while I'm Happy Quilting!

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