Wednesday, November 12, 2014

10 Mins Later.....

As the days go by, I'm still at it with the quilt. I've still got the timer going off every 10 mins.

Today was one of those days that I went to play cribbage, came home to do laundry, vacuum, and bake bread. While the bread and laundry were going, I was quilting. Setting the timer and driving Charlie crazy because I won't stay seated.

I laid the quilt out to see how far I got on the sashings. This is the row that I have done all the blocks, and working on the sashing up the side of the quilt. So far I have all the side sashes done and started on the end. Once I get that done, I'll head over to the other areas for the other blocks that need the sashing on them.

I folded the quilt in half to see what the back looked like on the other side. I've got a lot done, but this photo looks like a mess. lol I'm getting there. I'm hoping to get all the blocks done by Thanksgiving. I need to lay the border pattern out to see if it will work. That way mom and I can still quilt on it at the same time.

Our neighbor that I play cribbage with, gave Patrick the mug and cap from the casino Veterans Day ceremony. He figured since it was for the AF, that Patrick would like the gift. He did, and I gave them homemade bread for a thank you.

I have quilting tomorrow at Quilter's Junction. I won't be able to take the quilt with me because the floor is dirty. I'll have to take some applique and I don't think I'm ready to take anything to work on. I need to check out my applique projects to see what I need to work on. I'm not sure I have pieces cut out. I know I need to work on a block for the Christmas party. I also have to figure out a basket block. Since I'm waiting on my cabinets, I haven't had the chance to get stuff put together for either blocks. I will try and get those ready by this weekend, but this quilt is taking up most of my free time,

Happy Quilting!

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