Sunday, November 23, 2014

Is A Mess Worth It?

Patrick finished up on the cabinets today. He got a lot of stuff done today. It's all set up for me to move in, so to speak.

He put peg board in the areas that were "open" or unfinished. The peg board helps. I found a lot of things I could put on the peg boards, and I have the peg boards on the wall as well. As I was looking and cleaning out some of my stuff for the peg boards, I found my roller drawers to be filthy and ended up cleaning that as well. I couldn't believe the mess the stack was in. So, I went through each draw and pulled a few things out, re-did the drawers and put them back in place.

You can see the roller drawers on the right side. This is what it still looks like, but I'm getting there. Most of the stuff on the top of the table is pegs for the peg boards. I cleaned up the peg board on the wall and I like it right now. I also put the rulers on the front of the cabinets.

It's not done, and it's one heck of a big mess! I'm not sure it's worth the mess, but I'm getting there. I do like having more room to put my stuff away. I did get a few things put in the drawers. I was just looking at some of the stuff and trying to figure out what the heck I want to do with it. I got a few more tins to help me up my needles all in one place, and some of the other "small" things that need to be in containers. We are leaving tomorrow, and I'm going to come home to a big mess! NOT looking forward to that.

I can't complain, because the cabinets were free, and Patrick did a heck of a lot to get them to work for me. He's done an awesome job of helping me out. I love what he's done, I just wish I wasn't the one that was doing  I'm thinking of mom - when she calls me to come over and put her stuff away because she can't seem to figure it out. I'm telling myself I can do this! I'm not like my mother, I'm not like my mother, so I keep telling myself! lol I really like the peg boards, because it's easy to see what I have and what I need. I have another small area with peg board, and will show that to you when I get this big mess done.

So, I ask, Is the mess worth it? - Heck YES! I can get through this, and the counter is at the right height for me when I need to cut. PLUS, I can put a quilt on top and be able to cut or trim without having to try and find room. The cutting board works great where Patrick put it. Today, I'm Happy Quilting!

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