Sunday, November 30, 2014

Made it Back Home.

Yesterday was a day of driving. Patrick and dad traded off on driving back to WA. We left Las Vegas at 7:15 am and arrived in Boise, ID about 8 pm. We traveled the same way back, and it worked out great. Mom and I slept for the first 100 miles. We stopped at the rest stops along the way. One of the rest stops  was so windy that when I got out of the car, I was fighting the wind. Since Nevada's rest stops are "porta potties" it wasn't the cleanest places. That same rest stop had the wind flying up your rear when you went. Talk about cold wind!

My brother's dog seems to know we were leaving.

We stopped in Ely, NV and Patrick won another $20 at the casino. We had lunch there. It was the same place we stopped at when we went to Vegas. Then we stopped at Boise, and ate across the street from the Motel, Food was good.

We woke up an hour early this morning, so we had breakfast and started out an hour earlier than we planned. At 6:30 am we were on the road.

It was 12 degrees when we left. We had sheet ice on the road all the way to Pendleton, OR. This was how the roads looked a good part of the trip today. It was cold most of the way. I was told we had snow at home, but it was gone.

Once we got past the snowy areas, we stopped and ate at Spooky's. Mom and Patrick had a small pizza, I had a salad, and dad had soup and hamburger. Food was good.

I just wanted to see if I could get a picture of the train going past us. It was fun seeing the train from the highway.

This was just outside of Portland. It's the Columbia River. We followed it a good way of the time. The sun was out but it was still chilly. We had a high of 43 degrees all day with the low being 12 degrees.

This is the small hoop I had to deal with in the car. Mom didn't like it when I used the big hoop, even though it was easier for me to work with. Mom was working on the border while I was doing the blocks and sashings that are left to work on. Since I cut me thumb with the needle when we were going down to Las Vegas, it was hurting and hard to work on the quilt. The needle would keep hitting the cut. So, I started using the needle puller to get the needle through. I did help but after awhile, I just decided to call it good and go to sleep. I slept for a good couple hours in the car.

We arrived home at 5:10 pm, unloaded, put stuff away, started a load of laundry, and checked the mail. The we left for bowling. I bowled better today, but not as good as Patrick. He got his 600 series again.

The white in this photo is snow, so I can say, it was not gone from our house.

So, right now, I'm getting very tired and ready to sleep. I have to get up with Patrick, as I have a feeling even though it will be about 12 degrees, we will still be walking. Tomorrow I will be back to a schedule and hopefully Happy Quilting!

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