Sunday, December 21, 2014

Getting Closer!

I've been trying to get more done on this quilt for my mother-in-law! I'm getting closer! But still need another day or two before the quilting is done. I guess I can say it will be done before Christmas, but it won't be in the mail for Christmas time, dang!

Mom had the border (bigger flower) done on Friday. So, yesterday and today I've been quilting the "lines" on the black border.

I reached one corner so far. I've gotten at least one side done. The lines were started in the middle of one border, and I went around to the first corner, and am about 20" from the second border with the quilting. Once that is done, I will be putting the binding on.

This morning I tried a "new thing" with my cinnamon buns. I make cinnamon buns once in awhile around here. Patrick loves his buns on weekends, but I do it about once a month because we don't need all that "sweets." We watched TV the other day with "Alton Brown" who was making sweet buns. He said to let them raise in the refrigerator over night, then put them in the oven with a bowl of boiling water. Let them sit for 30 mins, and then take them out, preheat oven and the put them back in. I tried that today,

and it worked out awesome!

I put them in two different pans because I made some for our neighbor as well. My "buns" browned really well. I'm really impressed at how that seemed to help the rolls. They turned out pretty good. Patrick didn't think I put enough frosting on, so I had to make more and put more frosting on.

As the day gets closer to Christmas, it doesn't seem like much is going on. I'm going to bake a Scandinavian bread tomorrow.

I'm still having issues with my shoulder. I can't seem to enough my computer, because my shoulder starts giving me fits. I had a little issue with it today quilting. UGH. I'm still going to do what needs to be done, so if I end up getting an MRI on it, so be it. I'm taking each day as it comes.

I hope you are having an awesome Holiday Season, and are Happy Quilting!

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