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Quilting Group Day

This morning I decided to sleep in a little. Completely forgetting that quilting was today! So, when I finally woke up, I did all the stuff I needed to do, and was at quilting by 11:30 am. They usually start around 9:30 to 10 am. Oh, well. Didn't miss much.

I was a little surprised when a couple of the members starting taking apart one of the older books that had photos and newspaper articles. They took all the photos out of the book. Doesn't make sense why someone would do that when a group has a long history. Oh, well.

I was quilting on the quilt at the meeting. I did get a block done. I'll have to take a photo of both sides that I've been getting done. After quilting I went to my son's house and visited with my daughter-in-law. We had a good visit. I enjoyed going. I wish I would have taken my cross stitch to show.

I finished the Brazilian Embroidery last night. I haven't had the chance to take a photo. I'll post it tomorrow when I get more photos taken.

Think I'm off my Mark

It looks like I'm slipping again with postings. I need to keep paying attention. lol Think when I started back up with bowling, I got off on posting.

So, over the last few days, I've been busy. Weekends are getting to be a pain in the rear though. Patrick comes up with things to do, and before I know it, we've been going, going, and then the weekend is over. I loved those old weekends when I could just sit around and enjoyed the weekends, but not anymore. We went to the movies on Sunday. Saw "The Box Trolls." I was a little disappointed, it was "okay."

As for what I've been doing,

This is the work I have done on the Brazilian Embroidery. I had this much done at the class, but I added the last couple stems today at the doctors. I've gotten two flowers done and working on finishing the last one up. I'll take another photo when I'm done. 

Yesterday, Patrick picked all the grapes in the yard. We had a full bucket before I took this photo. Yo…

60th Anniversary

I should have posted this two days ago -

60 Years Together!
My parents, Myron and Shirley Taylor celebrated their 60th Anniversary on Sept 25, 2014. They took a cruise to Alaska for their anniversary gift to each other. Even though mom got sick on the cruise. My parents were married in West Seattle on September 25, 1954. Nine months later my older brother, Christopher was born. At the time they were married my father returned from Tripoli, Lybia serving the USAF. He returned to be stationed in Seattle. They then moved to Bend, OR. There they gave birth to a daughter, Penny, who died at birth. A year later, back in Seattle, I was born. My father didn't see me till I was 3 1/2 months old. We had moved to Germany at that time, being the last flight to Germany for military dependents. After Germany we moved to Ft. Meade, MD where my younger brother, Patrick was born. 
We as a family traveled the world. We lived in Seattle for a short time when my father was stationed at St Lawrence Is…

Trip to Portland OR

Today we (six of us) went to Portland OR. We went to the Quilt Expo Show. We also took a class in Brazilian Embroidery. I had an awesome time!

Before heading to our class, we checked out the quilts. I really liked the way this one turned out. I'm sorry to say, I didn't get the names of the makers of these quilts, but I wanted to share what was out there.

This one I liked, because of the Celtic design.

This one was really pretty! I loved the applique work on this one! It's was well done.

I loved this quilt! The applique was so pretty! I wish I had gotten the makers name.

This quilt is a miniature! I could not believe how tiny these peaces were! You should have seen this one. I couldn't believe how small this was!

I was about half way done with the Brazilian Embroidery. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow. It's a small piece that I really enjoyed working on. I also went and bought a kit for another embroidery piece. It's a "fall" center piece. I really…

Quilting Going Great!

I spend most of the morning quilting. Went to the Mt. St. Helen's quilt group. Got 2 hours in of quilting. Then went to mom's but ended up going to another quilters house to check out lighten for mom's quilt room she's working on.

We put in another hour in on quilting at moms. Then came home, fixed supper and will start quilting again here in a few minutes. Sorry no photos. I have three blocks done as far as quilting. I'm going to finish up moms block that she was working on, and then will have 4 blocks done. We lost the stencils for the quilt, so I'm hoping when we go to Portland, OR's show we can find something that works.

I am getting to liking this quilt. And the quilting is going fast. I do like what we are doing, but I find that I like the back better than the front. This photo was already posted this week. I'll have new ones for you tomorrow.

It's going along great and we're still Happy Quilting!

On A Roll!

Today was a good day. Mom had said she would come over today, so I called to make sure she was coming. Guess I got her on a bad day, but she was still coming. She had her Bible Study group and would come after lunch. I said that would be good. She couldn't find the stencil we picked for the sashing of the quilt. Said she searched everywhere for them. Guess we will have to think of something else. We had two stencils that would work great.

I actually started out this morning working on the block I worked on yesterday. Got a lot done actually. Was surprised my finger didn't have any "issues" and it went great. I did hit my finger and boy, I'll tell you, that did smart!

This is what I had done yesterday. Got a lot more done since then.

Mom and I spend 3 1/2 hours quilting. I've got the two blocks going. Had to move to the end of the quilt because of the way were were quilting. She had one end of the quilt and I had the other. The chairs were quiet a bit apart, s…

Quilting Day!!

Awesome day! I was able to do a little quilting!! I'm so happy!

Today started out slowly, got up early and played games, then I went back to sleep on the coach, since Patrick took over the bed. lol

While sitting and watching the Seahawks game, I pulled out mom's quilt and started getting work on quilting it. I didn't get a lot done because my finger wasn't quiet ready to do quilting yet. So, I'm doing what I can, then I go a pick it up again and do more.

The quilting is going to be "simple" because the pattern itself is busy. So, this is a basic quilted quilt. I would love to do more, but it would be over-powering if I did. Mom is coming over tomorrow to help work on it. Most of the block itself is outlined, and will go really fast. I got all this done in about 1 hour. I've done another wing since I took this photo.

I always love the back. I seem to do better with the back then front. This is gold quilt thread on black. It really "pops" in t…

Interesting Weekend

This weekend is going fast. Today we spent most of the time away from the house. Which meaas very little got done.

I have been working on this cross stitch. It's coming along wonderfully.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get started on mom's quilt. Then I'll be very Happy Quilting!

Catch Up Time

Yesterday was busy, and time went by that I didn't realize till this morning I hadn't posted what was going on. 
So, your getting two days in one today. Yesterday was my day for physical therapy and that went really well. I was thrilled things are working out. Afterwards I stayed at mom's house. We had a good visit. Mom and dad talked about family on my dad's side. I learned more about that family then I realized. The shame of it all is that most of my grandmother's siblings were alcoholics. Grandmother wasn't a drinker, and she seemed to be one of the only ones. Her father was a mean drunk, so I'm surprised out of 11 children only one or two where not alcoholics. 
While at mom's, we were looking for her templates for hand quilting. We picked out a couple of them for Judie's quilt. I decided to take a few photos of what she's working on. 

This is one of the blocks she's working on - P3 Designs. This is one of the BOM's. Love the colors m…

Getting back to Normal

Today was pretty busy. I did play on the games, but I found that I was doing more things then I've done in a long time.

Feels good to be back to doing more than sitting. I did bake Pumpkin Bars today. Decided to do that early today. Then when that was over, I cleaned the stove.

Love this photo! Got it off Facebook. That's about how I feel not being able to quilt lately! I can get close, but that's about all.

I have been keeping busy with the cross stitch. This is where I ended last night. I haven't had much time for anything else. I'm really enjoying working on this. Funny how I love doing so many things, and find I miss not working on stuff at times. I wanted to try and get more done this afternoon, but that didn't work out. I was doing laundry and a few other things. I think it's funny how I tend to keep working on the left side, and not working on the right side much. It's really coming along and we can see what it is I'm working on.

Tomorrow is …

Stitches Out!

Today is a good day. I had my cap on my tooth done, and I had my stitches taken out of my finger. Actually, I think it was only one stitch. Not sure. Never had them before that I could see. lol

I stopped off at mom's house and my daughter-in-laws father was there talking about getting mom set up in her new quilt room. He's going to do the electricity for her. The room has been mapped out, and is ready to go. The only thing now is moving out her old cabinets, getting furniture moved and then they will do the floors. We will be getting the roll top desk and the cabinets. Not sure where I'm going to put them.

Found this photo of Harley, my daughter's cat. Couldn't help but post it since I didn't get a photo of the cross stitch I've been working on.

I got the okay to work with my finger. I was told to see what I can do, since it is still painful. Once the pain is gone, I should be good. He did say it could come back. Let's hope not. Not sure if I can bowl o…

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Awesome! Tomorrow is the day the stitches come out of my finger. Can't wait!! The down side to all this is that I have a dental appointment in the morning to cap a tooth. ugh.

Today was a pretty good day. I did work on laundry and Patrick fixed the deck.

He added the shingles to the deck stairs. He had weatherized the deck, and said it would be slippery when wet. He knows me way too much! He told me it was so I would slip on my a**.  Thanked him for that, as I did that twice since we've lived here.

This is what I got done last night.

While watching the SEAHAWKS loose, I pulled out the cross stitch and worked on it some more.

This is how much I got done between last night and today. I will be doing more tonight. I'm working on the basket on the left. I also added more to the cat. It's starting to show what I'm doing. Love the affects. This is a lot of fun. Just wish they had a better way of showing what the colors were.

I went to mom's twice today to take care o…

Two More Days to Go! Woo Hooo

Awesome! Awesome! Two more days and the finger will be back to normal. Can't say the same for my wrist, since I decided to burn it tonight while cooking fried chicken for tomorrow. It's the right wrist, so no worries. lol

Charlie is sitting here on the edge of my chair waiting for me to finish this so she can sit on my lap.

Found this awhile back, and need to frame it. It was done by a lot of friends back about 10 years ago. Would love to find those friends again. lol We did this as a round robin through the mail.

Yesterday while at the quilt group we talked about my trip to MI. One of the things we talked about was the 4 quilt shops I went to. Only one was a quilt shop that I really enjoyed. The other three were quilt shops that were set for beginners. While we were talking, it made me thing about it. Now-a-days, I find myself bored with what I see. I know there are beginners, and I know there are very talented people out there. Why do quilt shops think they only need to have…

All in All a Good Day!

Spent the day at mom's with our quilt group. I worked on my cross stitch today. Got a lot done.

It's coming along pretty good. Had a great visit with quilters. I can't wait to get my finger back in shape so I can start quilting on Judy's quilt.

I did figure out, when ones brain tells one to pay attention and try not to loose something, one should pay attention! I was given an application yesterday, thinking at the time, "pay attention, don't loose this." When I went to pay for the fabric, my brain said, "pay attention and don't forget to pick this up on the way out." WHAT did I do?!? I came home, without the application, looking all over for it. Checked the car, the kitchen, called the shop (but it was closed), and I even went through my stuff. Today, while at the meeting called the shop, and OH YEA, there it was. Ended up going to the shop AGAIN to get it. And of course, I couldn't go into the shop and come out without buying something!…

Day 8 and counting!

Okay, today is day 8 of having my finger limited to what it can do. I took the bandage off today, and it looks ugly! Still a little swelled. I can deal with this.

Today was also quilting at Quilters Junction. We had a good turn out. Kathy W was teaching us how she stores her fabric and I came home to do it with my larger yardage.

And yes, I had to buy this fabric! It was the last of the bolt, so I took it. About 2 1/2 yds.

Okay, Kathy takes her 6" x 12" ruler and rolls the fabric around it like what I did above.

You need a flat area, and my quilt frame is not flat.

If the fabric goes over the corner, fold it so it will be in the middle of the fabric. This is my 6 1/2" ruler as my 6" is at a friends.

Then fold it in half. That saves room!

I got all these done when I got home and found my finger was not happy with me doing it, so called it quits for the day.

I've been doing pretty good considering. Not happy I have to wait till Monday, but understand why. Will pu…

Slowly getting there

I'm slowly getting there. I'm typing a little faster with 3 fingers on my left hand.

I did do laundry by dragging the basket on the floor with my right hand. I has been keeping my left hand away from water, and it's been itching, so that means it's healing. Trouble is, where they put the needles in to numb my finger, it hurts like "crap." UGH. I itched it and just about came out of my chair.

I'm hoping to get some more cross stitch in. Quilting is Thursday and Friday, and I may have to figure out what to do to be Happy Quilting!

A Good Day

Today is a good day. I was finally able to shower!! I was so thrilled. lol  I still can't get my finger wet. But I can move my fingers around.

Patrick took the bandages off, and we found this. I'm not looking underneath it! lol  I can wait till next Monday to see what is under there.

It doesn't look that bad from what I can see. We went ahead and put the huge bandage on it. so my finger is pretty much half covered. I will have to keep it away from water, and can't lift anything with it bigger than a mug.

I did try to get dome stitches in my cross stitch. I was able to do about an inch of work before it got a little painful. I'll keep trying, as I hate sitting here with nothing to do.

Bowling is tonight, but I won't be bowling till I get the okay from the doctor. One more week. Think Patrick is getting tired of cooking and cleaning. lol

Life is good and I am looking forward to being Happy Quilting.

Had Visitors

Today I had a couple visitors. Phil showed up, more for his tube then for me. lol Think I saw him all of 2 mins. He worked out in the garage and left. Then my parents stopped by. I got some really pretty roses.

Didn't get a good photo as I can't lift them and put them somewhere else.

When Patrick moves them, I'll take another photo lol.

I got our groups coke rewards - cookie jar - in the mail today.

I'm hoping they will send me another one.

Today is another slow day. Hate not having something to work on. Can't do anything for another week and I'm already going crazy! Dreaming of being Happy Quilting!

Boring Day

Still can't do anything with my finger, so slept in. Still keeping my hand above my heart. Not getting much pain, but it feels like it is starting up.

I'm going crazy....after awhile one can only play so many games. Looking forward to getting back to my crafts and back to being Happy Quilting!

Surgery Day

I'm typing this one handed, as I sit here. Started the day off showering and heading over to surgery. I don't mind waiting for doctors, if there is someone in front of me that took longer than expected. Not the case today. We waited from 9 am till 10:30 am before they called me in. At 10 am I went to the desk and asked if I got the time wrong when I was due there.She told me she no, she usually has people come early because he usually gets done early. She just found out that the doctor was working with a student and explaining what he's doing. That was putting him behind,  Wasn't happ about that, but dealt with it. lol

My finger is wrapped, and my fingers are still numb! Driving me crazy, so trying to keep busy so I don't think about it,

Now I have a god excuse to flip someone off! lol  Can't get it wet for a good 48 hrs. Put m hair in a braid so I wouldn't have to deal with it,

Mom's quilt is done from Kathleen A's, so as oon as I'm back to nor…

Better Day!

Today I spent part of the morning with my mother. We went to the cabinet shop to check out the cabinets she's having put in her sewing room. I had a few questions and wanted to make sure she was getting what she wanted. After we did that, we went out for lunch. Then we went to Emily's to give her some fabric and thread.

This is the basket I worked on at the quilt group yesterday. And yes, Patrick fixed my computer. I did something stupid, and had him fix what I did. Ticked me off! Decided I would not try to back up this computer again!! lol

This is what I have been getting done. The cat is slowly showing up. I'm really enjoying working on this. It's going fast.

I didn't do much today, only because I just couldn't get myself to do anything. I did get a call that the quilt for my mother-in-law is ready to quilt. I had it 3" off from the back. I'm not worried about that, we can cut that off and it won't be noticeable. I should get the top this week, P…