Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day of Quilting...With Peace and Quiet!

Yesterday was one of those days where very little got done. Maybe - went to my Physical Therapist and then to mom's. I found I will need to see my doctor again and he's going to request he do a MRI on my shoulder. Not looking forward to it, but the pain is getting worse. ugh

While at mom's we cut out the squares for the "Bountiful Baskets" BOM that is at P3 Designs. We cut 100 squares for the baskets. I have 50 and mom has 50. Then we cut out some fabrics for the baskets, (not the baskets, just the fabric), and I cut some 7" squares of scraps that mom had. She didn't wait to go bright, so she pulled out pastel fabrics for her blocks. Me, I go bright, and cut out several brights from her house. I don't need to have them all done, so will do what the pattern says, 4 each month. I will cut out more from my fabrics to go with them. I will try and do more this weekend. I want to work on the quilt today.

This is completed and I'm now at the corner. I will take more photos of where I am right now. Today I sat and watched Elvis Presley movies. Then around 1:00 pm my mother-in-law called to say she loved the quilt. She's like me, she likes the back better than the front because of the quilting. I was thrilled she loved it. We talked for quiet a while. Then Katt called shortly after and we chatted for another 45 mins. After I was done, I went and played 3 more games of cribbage next door. He told me this afternoon that Flo has quite eating and she won't take any water from him either. The nurse told him it wasn't going to be much longer. Not looking forward to that day.....

I was able to get a good 4 hours of quilting in. Would you believe I didn't do any computer games or play games other than cribbage?! It's awesome! I decided I wanted to get this quilt done so I could get moving on the basket quilt. I want to set it up so I can take them with me to applique. I also need to working on the basket blocks and get them closer to being able to applique more on.

I need to get the top and bottom of the quilt basket put on. Then I can get moving on the applique flowers that are orange and yellow. It will be a lot different from my quilt. That guilt wall is getting closer to being done. If I get enough done before May then I can put them together at the retreat. Time will tell. I can hope. The sooner I get some of these UFO's done, the sooner I can look at newer quilts! (Yea, I can dream!)

As I type this, Patrick is napping in his chair and Charlie is napping at my feet. Must be nice to be that relaxed to nap. I seem to be going 100 miles a minute with ideas, things to do, and just life in general! But at the same time, I'm Happy Quilting!

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