Monday, January 26, 2015

When Will I Learn?!

Today was a day I had already planned on. I had made plans to do a few things, including quilting.

How many times have I told myself - DON'T PLAN THE DAY! Guess I haven't learned anything when it comes to making plans!

So, my day started out like always, walking and cribbage. Then Art told me he tried to clean his car windows and they are awful, so would I please clean his windows to get the streaks off the windows. Warned him I don't do that good with window cleaning but would help him out. I then went and cleaned his windows. Phil came over and left after about 15 mins.

Mom had said she would be over between 12 or 1:30 pm today. I waited for her to call and tell me she was coming. Got the phone call about 1:10 pm, thinking I would get a call around 12:30 pm. She said she would stop off and get lunch. (And yes, I'm starving by then) She arrived around 1:45 pm, we ate and then went downstairs to design the baby quilt for my nephew and his wife. We found the teddy bear we wanted to use, and went from there. It wasn't an hour and we had the design done and the fabrics picked out - and yes, they were my fabrics. She was heading over to the shop to pick up some fabric for the background and the backing for her Baltimore Album quilt.  She almost done with her quilt she's quilting, and wants to have another one ready to quilt. She's kicked out two quilts since I was between mom's quilt and the Hawaiian.

I then realized I needed to get some bookkeeping done, and was in the computer room when Patrick got home. Called it a day, and cooked supper. Played games up till now, and need to figure out what I'm going to do next.

Quilting is tomorrow and I need to take my walking partner to the doctors tomorrow, so I should be (fingers crossed) Happy Quilting!

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