Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Saturday....Baking

This morning I started out sleeping in. I stayed up till about midnight last night on the computer. I watched a couple shows I hadn't seen yet. Charlie kept me company while Patrick went to bed. I find that I can't sleep much because of all the pain. It's easier to stay up and try later in the evening to sleep.

I decided to make the "Oatmeal Cookies" that Alton Brown had on the TV the other night. I don't have a clue why he does stuff in ounces, but he does. Good thing I have a weight. I measured all the stuff out last night and had them in containers. I pulled everything out and started making the cookies, realizing my son was coming over and is a vegetarian. So, I made another half batch without the egg.

Phil's cookies didn't have raisins, I put butterscotch chips in his. I made sure to clean everything and keep "cross contamination" from happening. I used the parchment paper for all the cookies, each getting their own sheet. The cookies came out great.

Phil and Patrick worked all day on the grow shelf. A shelf where they will be growing seedlings and other plants. It turned out awesome! I love what they did.

Today the sun was out and a beautiful day! Had to get a shot of the sun! Our backyard is looking good.  Patrick has been going out there every chance the weather is good.

I was able to get some stitches in on the Celtic table runner today. I'm going to try and get a few more stitches in tonight. I've been keeping my "diary" of the basket blocks handy since I've been working on them lately.

I cut out some flower (freezer paper) pieces. I have them in a bag ready to cut the fabric for the two basket blocks that I need done by the end of March. I'm hoping to get those done in the next week or so. Now that I know what flowers I'm going to use. It should go faster that way. All depends on how I feel when I'm working on them. I'm finding just typing this is hurting my right side. Can't wait for the 16th to get here! lol  I have been trying really hard not to show how much pain I'm in, but lately it's getting worse. I should be putting the ice packs on, but I keep forgetting! Guess that's not going to help me one bit! lol

I will take a photo of the Celtic table runner tomorrow and show how it's coming along. It's a good day when I'm Happy Quilting.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Quilting Day at Moms

Today was a weird day. I don't know if anyone could have planned it this way. It started out like normal - walking and cribbage.

Then as I'm getting ready to head out to moms, I got a text, and another, and another. So, I'm answer texts, the phone rings, and I answer that. Then I start to finish the text after the phone call, and she decides to call instead. So by the time all these calls where done, it was 9:45 am. Usually I'm at moms by then. I finally get there, and one of our quilters needs dads heart monitor. We get her hooked up and she's in the stroke range and talking like she is going to have a stroke. Hildi and I rush her to the ER room at the hospital. She had a miny stroke and they are keeping her over night.

I finally get back to moms place at 11:30 am. Lots of excitement! I pull out my bag and go through it looking for my Celtic table runner.....nope, not what. My Celtic bag had my scissors, thimble, thread and project. Now what?! Oh, I brought my book of basket blocks. I pulled out one of the blocks I already appliqued the baskets for, and started working on the flower.

I got started on the peddles of the flower. It really did go well. It was pretty quick.

This is the folder I was telling you about yesterday. I put the fabric in there as well because I need to cut some out for the next flower.

This is the one I actually worked on too. It's the fourth block. I will work on the others later.

Before I took a shower this morning, I went out and took some photos of the bamboo trees we have outside. I loved it that the water was still on the leaves and branches.

Okay, so when I finally got home around 2 pm, I sat down and played on my tablet. At 4 pm mom called asking me to run up to Edith's house and tell her husband to bring a book. Apparently he can't hear the phone - which I figured out when I had to call my walking partner to go up and get him and bring him to the hospital. So, I walked up the road - yes it's up a nice hill - and when I got there the dogs were barking but no one answered. I called mom back and she told me, "That's okay, he's here, he just got her a few minutes ago." My thought was - why didn't you call me back and tell me, that hill is a pretty steep hill! Then I figured, "what the heck, I needed the exercise!" Got home just before Patrick and we went out to eat. After dinner we went grocery shopping.

Deep breath, and another. The last two days have not been my favorite and my happy/sad mood is up and down with all the stuff going on in my life. I've she tears and I've laughed, so life is good and I still keep going with my projects. Wondering what the next few days will bring. I can do this! Happy Quilting!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Day of Appointments!

Today was a day of doctors appointments. I had the first one, and dad had the second one. Dad's check up went well, and they said he's cleared for surgery. We will see when on the 16th.

After the doctors appointments we had lunch, and then I headed to our applique meeting. I got there around noon. Most of the meeting was already started. Had a great time with a couple of the members. I did get a few more stitches in the Celtic table runner. I took my bag full of stuff when I left this morning and came back to the point of "NEEDS CLEANED OUT."

I pulled out all the stuff in my bag - MORE fabrics! As well as my projects. I decided to put the fabrics away - on the table downstairs. I will go through them for the BOM's I've been doing.

While I was at the meeting, Barb had a wonderful idea of how to keep the basket blocks all together. She used a 3 ring binder and plastic sheet savers. She had all the patterns and blocks together in it. So, I decided I would do the same. I love the idea. It's a great way that I can keep the "extra" flower in the same place with the blocks.

While at moms waiting for dad to get to his appointment, we were organizing her scrap draw. I took a few of her green fabrics that I believe go with my BOM blocks. Now I have more greens to play with. Not like I need more fabric, but it should help. I thought I was keeping small fabrics - mom was keeping even smaller pieces than I am. What a mess I will be cleaning up when the time comes. Between her and me, there is way too much! At least I don't have to go to the shop to get more fabrics. I do need more greens though.

Tomorrow is another day of quilting. My daughter tells me I need to shut off the phones and have a day to myself. That won't happen for a little while, but I may take her up on that thought on Tuesday. Sorry no photos today, I'll work on them for tomorrow. Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Worked On More Projects

Today was a good day, sort of. I did the usual walk and cribbage game. Won all three games. Came home, went downstairs and turned on the fireplace. It is still chilly down there.

Once I got down there, I pulled out the black and white fabrics and started cutting them into 5" squares.

I've had this stack for awhile.

I started cutting and didn't realize how long it takes to cut that stack. I've still got half of the stack to do.

Because of my shoulder pain, I had to cut with the rotary cutter but laying my arm on the ruler. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but I was able to figure it out. I didn't have the strength to hold the ruler with my hand, so had to figure a way to hold the ruler down to be able to do what I needed. I was looking at this photo and didn't realize my figures are so long! At least I got some stuff done.

I started out with a good stack different sizes. I got a good stack of 5" squares. I also cut out a few more squares of different sizes.

Then I remembered I had the blocks that need to be done for Monday. The group blocks for te Mt. t. Helens group.

Love this tool! It was awesome to use! I forgot I had it, till I saw someone else who bought one! I used to use it all the time. I hate sewing on the machine, and this has always been an awesome tool! So, I pulled it out, marked the lines, and sewed the blocks.

I finished them pretty quickly, but realized I was running into problems with the strips. I did the size they told me to do, but then realized I ALWAYS seem to be 1/4" off no matter how hard I try. Never fails. It almost failed today, I just had to take a couple apart and put them back together, but I was lucky! All my blocks were just about on, and I trimmed it to size. Good thing I was close enough. Otherwise I would have thrown it out! lol

I haven't worked on the table runner, because of all the cutting I did. Tomorrow is Thursdays applique group. Looking forward to it. Will keep busy and be Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Think I'm Still Running....

Today started out with a bang, and it hasn't stopped yet.

I had my doctors appointment for my shoulder. He told me I have a tear and tendinitis as well as "wear and tear." So, he sent a referral for me to see the Orthopedic Surgeon to see if I qualify for surgery. My next appointment is in a couple weeks, but if there is an opening they will call me. They did call me to go in on Thursday but I already had an appointment for Thursday. Hopefully things will start moving. I'm tired of being in pain.

After that, I went to see dad. He looked good and was in a "fog." He's not quiet ready to tell everyone about the operation, but I've been making him talk to the family about it. He's looking good, and I think this will be a good thing. It's been an 8 year wait. So, while I went to be with dad, I knew mom had quilting. I didn't know they were meeting at their house. So, I walked into a quilt meeting while chatting with my daughter-in-law. She got to chat with her grandmother, as she was there at the meeting as well. I enjoyed seeing a quilt one of the quilters was working on. She designed it, and its of her grandmother and all the things she remembers of her grandmother. I loved the work she has done. She was telling how she's going to design the center area. It was awesome!

After that, headed to Subway for a sandwich, then to the Mt. St. Helen's quilt group to see what they were working on. They were having a good meeting. I stayed for about an hour, then headed to the grocery store to get my medication and milk.

Got home and had to go next door to play cribbage with Art. He didn't like waiting 4 days to play cribbage, but one of those days he was gone. Not my fault. I do have things to do, but he really likes it when  I come over. I'm feeling like it's expected now.

Came home and got dinner going. After dinner went downstairs to work on the fabric catcher.

I didn't like the circle I had for the catcher, so I decide to make a better one that was more a circle then the old one. The old one is on the top, and the ones I cut are on the bottom. I used the lid to get a better circle.

The wire I needed was bent and needed to be straightened out. I put it in the lid to get the curves to work better. It actually worked. I originally had bends that didn't want to loosen up.

I cut the fabric, and sewed it together. I then put the inside bottom on and had it ready to finish it up. 

It turned out nicely, but I did notice my ring wasn't cut big enough. There is a gap in the wire/fabric connection, but it should be a problem. I just don't like giving out "not perfect" gifts. But this will just have to do. I promised to have this go with the pincushions I made for Christmas gifts. So, this will finally go with the pincushions as a set. 

Tonight I plan to work on the table runner. Tomorrow I need to work on the block for our meeting next week. I also need to see if I have muslin fabric. If not, will pick it up at moms. May even do the blocks at moms if I have to. Judy gave me some flower patterns that will work on the basket blocks I was making for another quilter and the one for our applique group. The one I designed the basket for. My brain is going a hundred miles an hour, just like the day seemed to go. I need to do a lot of stuff, and I really want to get them done. Table runner really needs to get done. I saw a couple other classes I would love to take but won't sign up for another class for awhile. I seriously need to get some UFO's done. I have a few ideas for the next quilts, but need to get myself to calm down and work on what I have to work on. 

As the day closes, I realize it's another day. It was a beautiful day! Sun out and the sky clear. I even saw the mountain on the way home. I can thank the Lord for a wonderful day. 

As the days go by, I'm hoping to be able to be Happy Quilting!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Quiet Day

Walked this morning and came home. Wasn't really in the mood to do much today. Shoulder giving me pain.

I did work on my nephews baby Afghan. 

Charlie slept on my lap every chance she got.

Did find out today dad's anurism grew and he needs surgery asap. So know he's going in for surgery as well as my walking partner. Depending on my shoulder, chances are I will too. Not sure what to call this month, but not sure it's a pretty name either.

Weather great today but still a little chilly.

May we all be Happy Quilting!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Suns Out and Feels Like Spring

Another beautiful day! Suns been out most of the day with very little clouds. Patrick went golfing and will probably be back here in the next 30 minutes.

I enjoyed the day to myself. Talked to my daughter-in-law on the phone for awhile. Watched two movies on TV. Now back to NCIS reruns. I think I'm caught up on the reruns now.

I loved the weather, that I put my shoes on and went outside to take photos. I've missed not going and and working on my photography. I love taking pictures, but they were starting to get "sloppy" everyday photos and not ones that are planned and enjoyable to take.

The flowers Patrick gave me for Valentines Day is still blooming and looking awesome. So, I went in the bathroom and took some photos of them. I love how the wall works great with the colors.

I do enjoy taking "still life" photos.

This is the cherry tree outside. I enjoyed seeing the flowers blooming. Yet that doesn't help on my sinus' but hey!, I still love the look.

I'm going to set up a page for nature photos I've been taking. It will have my favorite photos in it. I take so many, that it would be fun to post the ones I really like.

As I walked into the house I noticed Patrick replaced my bird feeder. I don't know if you can see it from this photo, but was really thrilled when I saw that! Yep, having a bird feeder does excite me! I love seeing the birds in the yard. Just hope the cats don't take them out.

With the day to myself, I was ab to get more done on my table runner. So, you can see, I'm still working on my projects. My daughter-in-law called and wants to make pants. So, I cut her some black fabric (have part of a bolt) and will take that over on the way to bowling tonight. Things are going good, and I'm still keeping up with being Happy Quilting!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful Saturday

I'm sitting here watching the news on how the storm has hit TN and other states. We've been pretty lucky not to get the snow this year, but that's really not a good thing for WA. We are looking at a dry summer at this rate. I remember having weather like that in MD and Pullman. I feel for those that have to deal with it. I always loaded up on canned foods and stayed home till I felt safe enough to drive.

Today we got up and took off "running." Patrick wanted to go to the casino. We didn't stay long. lol Then we came home for lunch and back out the door to the store looking for another sink. Our white sink has been falling apart - paint coming off and looking pretty bad after 16 years. We want to replace it, but found out the size we needed, they didn't have in the stainless steel. Our counter was cut for the sink, and trust me, I don't want to replace my counter tops right now. So, now we know what we need, the next step is to see if we have to get another white sink or not.

Patrick worked out in the yard today. The weather was wonderful. I loved the sun coming through. The sun is going down now.

This photo is so much fun! I laugh every time I see this. Charlie outside and Harley inside! What a tease!

Last night I was able to get a lot of work done on the table runner.

I worked on the corner last night. It was a little easier than I thought.

This view is a half of the runner. I'm having fun with it. I am surprised the other people working on it haven't been chatting or even saying what they are working on. I think only one other person has made comments on what we've been doing. I post just to let Nancy know I'm working on it, and letting her know I'm paying attention. This is the first class I've taken on line that doesn't seem to have others interested in posting.

Mom called today and asked me if I would machine quilt a quilt for my nieces step daughter. I told her I would. She said she'd pay for my time quilting it at the shop. I'm okay with that. It will keep me up on machine quilting....hopefully I won't get too bored doing it! lol My niece is pregnant (yah one of the two that haven't bothered to tell me yet), and not going to put my time into hand quilting for that family. They don't know how to care for quilts. So, I'll machine quilt it and won't even worry about what happens to it after that. lol I told her I would do it, when I had the chance. I'll look for a day that I'm not busy and do it then.

I'm still working on the afghan as well. It's coming along great. I've got a few more rows on it. Surprised at how much yarn I've used, and it doesn't seem like I put a hole in the skein.

Now it's time to get my exercise ball out and get some exercise out on my back. I'm feeling my hip again. lol - Can't win! Life is awesome! and I'm happy to be Happy Quilting!

Friday, February 20, 2015

MRI Day.....ugh.

This morning I was up and walking with my neighbor. Patrick slept in till I got back. We then went up to Olympia for my MRI test.

I waited about a half hour to go in. When they called my name, she asked if I needed to use the bathroom, and I figured, "what the heck" and said yes. Afterwards was taken outside to a trailer. That was a first. This huge door opened and we walked in. I almost felt like I was in a movie. Anyway, had to take off everything that had metal to it. She did let me keep my ring on. Walked into the room, and got ready for the machine. They asked if I had questions, and said nope. (Afterwards I did!) She fastened me into the "bed" and told me it would be loud. I was given ear plugs. Once she was done, I closed my eyes. I was then moving into the machine. Once in there, I looked up and quickly shut my eyes! It was way too close for comfort! I almost started to freak. She gave me a button to push if I needed them to stop and they would help me. I told myself I would not freak out. So, the whole time the machine was making noise, I was trying to think of a story, or even fall asleep. NOT happening. I keep thinking of things to say, stories to tell, prayed, and anything I could without moving an inch. I even had to scratch my ear and wiggle my noise, but NOPE wasn't happening. Then after a long time, I finally was pulled out of the machine. She told me not to move. I must have stayed there for about 10 minutes before she said I was done. Got my stuff back, and found out that one part of the machine wasn't working, so they only got 2 angles to the 3 angles they needed to get. I walked out to Patrick and he asked if they did it because the machine was done. I told him they think they have enough for my doctors appointment. Guess they were turning people away till they got the machine fixed.  I'm hoping they got all they needed, because I'm not wanting to do that again! I then went to the bathroom to put my bra back on. lol

We then went shopping before coming home. I worked on some genealogy for about an hour. I found a few more papers with information on it, and decided to work on putting that information in my program.

Last night I worked on the afghan, and today I'm going to replay the video to see how to do the bend on the table runner. No clue what this weekend will be like. I'm still in pain, but not letting it stop me from working on my projects.

Mom called and told me she has 4 of her baskets done from the P3 Designs BOM. I've only gotten two baskets, but not the flowers. Will work on those AFTER the table runner is done. I also want to get started on quilting the wall hanging, but not sure my shoulder will handle it. The sooner I get this done the sooner I can move on. Looking forward to being even more Happy Quilting.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Working on Table Runner

Today I woke up and went back to sleep. I passed on walking. I did go and play cribbage though. Then I relaxed and played some games. I just wasn't in the mood to do much. I did go and meet a friend in town. We walked a good 3 miles. I enjoyed being able to do faster walking and not worry about a dog stopping every so often.

When I got home, I opened the DVR up and put on a movie. Then I sat down and worked on my table runner.

I got to the tip of table runner and wasn't sure how to do the corner area. I sent a message to Nancy about how to do that area. I may end up finding out tomorrow, so will work on the afghan tonight. 

The best news right now is that my MRI is tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to find out what all this pain is about. Problem is, I won't find out till Tuesday, but at least the ball is rolling. 

Had lunch with my friend, and ate carrots, even when I knew I'd have problems with it. Sure enough, about 3 hours later got a migraine headache. I used to think I would handle having carrots. Now I know for sure - NO CARROTS! lol - can't win!

Charlie is by my side, and can't seem to be close without touching. It's getting too funny! I move so she has room and the next thing I know, she stretches and touches my leg or arm. Before I know it, I'm half off the chair and she's taken it over! At least I have something to laugh about when it comes to being in pain. 

I haven't quit! I'm still working on my projects and keeping Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In One of Those Moods Today

Have you ever had one of those days, where your not "gitty happy" and your not "depressed?" Well, that's kinda what kind of day I'm having. I'm not overly excited about anything and I'm not feeling low. I'm feeling like I want to do things, but then I don't want to. I have a list of things I could do, but not interested in doing them. So, I go from one thing to the other, till I'm tired of working on that project.

This morning started out as usual, and my cribbage partner asked what was bothering me. Nothing. He didn't believe me. I had a rough night and my arm is killing me. I can't wait till Friday for my MRI. I'm getting tired of being in pain.

I decided to try one of the recipes that I've been posting, and made the Old Fashioned Banana Pudding. It had peanuts in it. Even Patrick was surprised about that. I figure it's the brown sugar that makes it look a little on the dark side.

After that, headed downstairs and worked on basting this quilt top.

Now that it's been basted, I can start quilting it. I'm looking forward to getting working on this. After I did this, I wasn't interested in getting started with the quilting yet. I will try and get started on it, after I get the table runner done.

Still working on it, and will try to get it moving again.

In the meantime, I looked out the window and saw how spring is going.....

We've got some flowers growing! It's awesome to see them coming up!!

Patrick's garden is growing really well. I'm excited to see the color again! He really loves going out there and tending his garden. I'm not that much fun when it comes to working in the garden. I tend to stay in the house, partly because of my issues with the sun. So, I do the photo taking and the "awww" and "ohh's."

I did sit here and watch NCIS while working on the baby afghan.

I hope my nephew and his wife like this. I'm having fun working on it. I only put about an hour and a half in and did two or three changes in color.

Right now all I want to do is sleep. I'm not getting much sleep lately because of my shoulder. I tried to roll over last night (twice) and just about came out of bed screaming. (not quiet that bad, but close) Patrick said I snored and he didn't want to wake me because he was worried he'd hit my shoulder. Actually glad he didn't last night. I usually don't snore unless it's sinus, and that's no fun. So, here I go again with the noise! Between sneezing and snoring, I hope I can still sleep tonight. lol REALLY, REALLY looking forward to Friday!

As the days go by, I'm happy to see I'm still working on my projects. It's awesome to watch them slowly getting done. I keep seeing everyone's projects on the P3 Design basket blocks. I'm really behind from what everyone else is doing. I do like what I'm seeing. I'll try to get the table runner done and then I can go back to working on the baskets. I do like how small they are. Plus I really like the blocks I've seen so far. I'm getting some good ideas. I do hope others are having a great time with their blocks.

May your day be better than mine, and may you be Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back on Schedule....I hope!

Yesterday wasn't much to report. We spent the day at my parents, so  was't able to get any quilting done.

Today was a different story. I was able to send the morning to myself. Then had to head over to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and FINALLY get my cap put on. I sat there a little less tease, but still tease. Once that was over, I was thrilled. It felt a little differently but over all I'm glad that's over.

I called mom (she told me to) and told her I was done. I also told her I would meet her at Sister's quilt shop in town but if she was going to be longer than 20 mins I would go home. She said she'd be there, and I went to the grocery store before meeting her. Hard to believe she was entering the shop as I was parking. That really surprised me, as she's usually making me wait. We looked for fabric to go with the baby quilt we designed for my nephew. While we were there, we picked up another panel for a baby quilt. We also got the background for both panels for the other two baby quilts. I was amazed at the cost of the fabric! I remember when we used to go buy fabric for at least two BIG quilts and it would cost about $80 total. Today, it cost more than that! I couldn't believe fabric has gone up to $12-15 a yard!! What happened to those $8 yards of fabric?! Is cotton that hard to find?! Guess I'm going to wait for sales or just go with kits anymore. It's a shame that fabric is so expensive.

Treated mom to lunch. We shared a sandwich. It was really good. First time I'd be there to eat. Heard a lot about it. We talked about the quilts, we talked about how my nieces still haven't bothered to tell me they are expecting. Since they have been posting it on Facebook and showing photos, I'm not taking that as notice. Family should be told in person! So, as far as I'm concerned, they are not getting a baby gift from me. I've told both of them they need to communicate with me if they want me a part of their lives. Apparently they don't. Which is okay by me. Their brother is awesome, as he told me just before he told my folks. I'm so excited for him. He's been chatting with me off and on throughout the process. Now that is family!!

I came home and put the backing and batting out on the table. After I put the batting on the backing, I decided I'm going to wait till tomorrow before I start to baste it together.

This is the quilt I'm going to baste to have ready to quilt. I haven't quite decided what kind of a design I'm going to have on it. I have a few ideas, but until I get to quilting it, I really won't know what I'm going to do. I have grey for quilting thread. That way it will be seen.

Art gave me Flo's yarn basket. I had to wash it because it had a stain on it. Don't know if she dropped coffee in the basket or not. Really wasn't sure if I could wash it, but I did. I put it in the sink and used my finger brush to scrub it a little. I sprayed it with Oxi spray and it did help, but not as much as I was hoping. I could have been more patient and let it soak for awhile in the spray. BUT NO, I'm not that patient. I rinsed it and put it out on the deck. I took a photo because it was "steaming" when I set it out there. It was chilly out there, but nothing like what the East Coast is going on. It did dry and I brought it in by my chair. Patrick hasn't seen it yet, but I think he won't mind too much. I may be a little more organized and get some of the stuff off the table....I can hope! lol - Patrick would love it if I did....let's see if it works. Right now it has the yarn for the afghan I'm making. I have a few more rows done on it.

Sun going down....

Charlie can't make up her mind if she's coming in or going out. Gave up and she's going out!

I've been getting more stitches in on my class table runner. Each step and each day, I'm keeping Happy Quilting!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day After Valentines Day

It's another Sunday. We're heading off to bowling here pretty soon and Charlie is trying to sit in my lap while I type this.

Yesterday was busy. We enjoyed a day with Katt being here. First we went out to breakfast, then off to mom's to get a 1920's dress that she needed for her Gaylla (sp). She borrowed a dress from mom's neighbor and was stunning in the dress! She would fit into the 1920's without a problem. While she went to her gaylla we went to the casino. Patrick and I enjoyed the evening together. Came home and was able to give him his "gift" of DQ's ice cream cake. He gave me flowers earlier in the day.

Today he wanted to go to the movies, and I decided I wanted to stay home and work on my projects. I also tried to put a dent in the laundry. I worked on my nephews baby's afghan, and my table runner. I sat and watched the Hallmark Channel. Got 2 movies in while Patrick only got one! lol Actually got a lot done on both projects.

Mom just finished quilting this quilt last week. She was showing Patrick and Katt. Patrick told her he really, really liked the quilt. Mom folded it up and handed it to him and said, "Here you go." So, now Patrick has two quilts in the last two months. Lucky fella!

I will pick up some black batting from mom tomorrow and get the "Affairs of the Heart" quilt sent up for quilting.

I have been working on my other two blogs. I posted more letters and recipes. The letters will take me years, but I figured out if I post at least 2 or 3 a day, it might help me get through them all. I'm finding names in the family that I didn't know. So, I'm hoping it will also help me with the genealogy I've been working on. The recipes are old and have been in boxes for years. I've been posting them, and found about 5 so far that I want to try. So, I'm going to do one of them tonight and take photos tomorrow to go with the recipe I posted. Should be fun to do, just hope the recipe is as good as it sounds. A couple are family favorites, but not food Patrick would like, so won't be making those.

As this weekend moves along, I'm still working on projects, cleaning, and playing! I hope everyone has a great weekend and are Happy Quilting!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Friday is here, and it was busy! I didn't go to the quilt group meeting because I needed to get a few other things to do. I worked on the Secretary stuff I needed to do with our water system. Then I balanced our check book and cleaned up my sewing room. I even mixed up some cookie dough for Katt when she gets here. That way she can take some cookies back with her.

I worked on this yesterday at the quilt group meeting. I'm really enjoying the way this is coming out. I was also checking out some of the other classes that are offered, and may just take another one later on.

I sat down this afternoon and worked on this again I do like the way it looks. I've got to finish the "last stretch" and then I can get started on the sides. I may have this done in the time we allotted for the class. I posted a post asking others to share their photos.

Katt text'd an hour after she hit the road to say she forgot her dress. I've been looking all over for a 1920's era dress for her. Hopefully we have one she will use. Mom's neighbor has a lot of those, so we may be making a trip over there to get her a dress to borrow.

Even though it was a busy day, and next week is going to be just as busy, I'm still Happy Quilting.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Day of Running Around!

Things always seem to be a pain when its one of those days of running around. I did the usual this morning and almost got skunked in cribbage again. 

After cribbage I hurried home and got ready for our quilt meeting. I also had to write a list of things that I needed to do - forgetting to start the bread I had to bake today. Then off I went. On the way to the quilt group I went to the bank, then to Safeway for cereal, Sister's quilt shop to get YLI thread for the quilt wall hanging I just finished, to Mickey D's for lunch (but they had breakfast), and then finally to the quilt show. It was as long as that sentence! While at the quilt shop picking up YLI thread, I decided on a dark blue or grey thread. I'm going with grey. 

At our meeting, I showed my quilt, which everyone loved. I usually don't like to show my stuff off, but they kept asking how it was going, so had to show it. As one can see, the table and beam where in the way, so it's hard to get really good photo's there.

Mom called me and asked if I was there yet. Told her no, but would be soon. She then told me she was going to come and join us. About an hour later, mom showed up and wanted to show her Baltimore Christmas quilt - yes, the one where she took my patterns and make the quilt, even though I paid for the kit.

It turned out really nice.

She was working on the border piece and showed that part as well. It turned out to be a great meeting.

I left early and so did mom. I headed over to Diary Queen to pick up an ice cream cake for the weekend. On my way back I realized I forgot my camera at the shop. So, ended up going back, getting my camera and headed back home.

Once home, I ended up running around getting the bread started. Then getting a few things done before Patrick gets home. Cooking supper and getting the bread out of the oven, when Katt calls asking for a few more things for the "gaylla" (sp) this weekend. She's come all the way from Pullman tomorrow night. Patrick had to take the bread over to Art because I was on the phone with Katt.

Now that things have calmed down, and I washed all the dishes and things Art game me, I'm ready to sit and work on my Celtic table runner. First I have a few posts to make on two other blogs, then I'm going to enjoy being Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good Thing I'm A Quilter!

Today started out like normal. I was relaxed and tired at the same time. I haven't been sleep well lately. My shoulder is too painful to last over 2 hours, so I tend to wake up every 2 hours and try to go back to sleep. It's my shoulder's way of telling me it's still there and not going away anytime soon.

After lunch I had to go to the dentist - which I was looking forward to - to get my cap put on the tooth. Well, it wasn't that easy after all. Everyone in my family knows how much I hate going to the dentist, this was no exception. I like the dentist I have, and wouldn't go anywhere else because he does calm me down at the right time. I was called in to get my cap on. The asst. took off the temporary tooth, cleaning up the tooth and getting it ready for the cap. The dentist comes in and the cap fits, but it moves way too much. So he checks everything, looks good. Tries again. Nope, not good enough to set on my tooth. Okay, so we start all over again! This time, the asst. asked me if I wanted a shot so she could put the padding back on my tooth. Well, my brain thought, DON'T want a shot, and don't want to wait 20 mins for the numbing to take affect, so NO SHOT! I put up with the pain. And YES there was some pain, but it was a heck of a lot better than a shot. Now, I'm having to go back in next week.

Okay, so now one is asking - What does this have to do with being a quilter.....Well, it has a lot do to do with PATIENCE. Quilters are patient, and tend to go with the flow. If a quilt doesn't work right, or if a block is smaller than the rest, we sit back, take a deep breath and move on. I did just that, took a deep breath, and said, "Oh, well, stuff happens." Actually, it happens a lot with me, but I can just laugh and move on. I've been doing that a lot lately.

Another example of moving on. The design wall was empty and not ready just yet to put the guilt wall stuff back up.

So, I pulled out the blocks that I got from Judy, that she won at the groups meeting.

And there was this block too. It's been stained with a drink or something. I have 14 blocks to play with, and figure if I put them up on the wall, I can think of something to do with them. I don't want to do the "traditional" thing. So, I pulled out a few books to look over and see if I can figure out something to do with them. If they were appliqued, it would be a little easier.

Last night worked on my table runner from Nancy Lee Chong's class. I am loving the way it's coming out. I have to make a few more strips, but I'm really happy with how it's turning out.

Tonight is bowling, so, not sure if I'll be doing much of anything the way I feel right now. But hey, that's okay. I've been working on the recipes on the other blog. If I add about 10 a day, then it will go fast, - I'm thinking - and hoping! In the meantime, I'm still Happy Quilting.

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