Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Triple Project Day!

Ruth was headed to a doctors appointment while I slept in. It was nice to be able to sleep till 7:30 a.m.! Had another rough night with the shoulder, and can't wait for the MRI this month.

After playing cribbage with Art - and getting SKUNKED - I came home and went downstairs to enjoy the warm heat and quilted.

I finished up the flower in this area. I added a few more stitches into this part of the quilt.

I'm trying to go "simple" again. I have no rhyme or reason on how the quilting goes around the butterflies. I want the quilt to look as if a lot of butterflies where flying around the center piece. I'm also trying to quilt each butterfly different from the others.

Each butterfly "line" goes around the circles in the quilt. There is a lot of circles throughout, just like the butterflies.

I put more stitches on this side of the panel as well. I'm getting close to being able to roll the quilt again. It's going pretty fast. I will try to get more quilting done on this later this weekend. Tomorrow I'll be at moms and we'll be working on the baby quilt and my Affairs of the Heart.

After about 2 hours of quilting, I head back over to Art's and had lunch with him (since he asked), and then came home and crocheted.

Had this one at this point before starting.

I added another two stripes, and called it good.

Then I went back to the Celtic table runner - class.

Today was another one of those days that I would walk around with my head cut off! I would go downstairs and quilt, but Oh, I forgot my thimble, so headed back upstairs to get that. Oh, yeah, forgot my phone, so had to go back upstairs for that. Let's not forget I needed something to drink, so waited for the program on TV to go to commercial before going up and making tea. Once I was upstairs, I forgot my tea cup, and had to go get that from downstairs. Let's not forget the marker I took downstairs, I needed it upstairs as well. I figure by the time the day is over, I got a good workout up and down the stairs. I thought once I had the heat going down there I would be staying down there, but guess I'm not that organized to take everything with me down there.

I'm finding Patrick coming home and taking my tablet till 8 pm (when I promised I would get off the computer). So, I don't get my tablet at night anymore. He found another game he likes and trust me, he's one it all night. Funny part is that he told me having a tablet was a waste of money and that I didn't need one because I have a computer and phone. Now I can call him on it! I love it!!

I'm finding I'm enjoying being back into my crafts, and lately I'm getting a lot of stuff done. It feels awesome to see all these projects getting done. Unfortunately I've started way too many projects in the last month.  I need to get moving and get the blocks done that I have for friends, and I need to get moving on getting this quilt done, as well as the baby afghan. I would love to not have so many projects for everyone else, but I have decided that from today on, the answer to doing things for others is NO. OUCH, I just remembered I told one of the quilters I would do some embroidery for her. Not looking forward to that, and hoping she forgets.......UGH.

Okay, on my way to being Happy Quilting!!

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