Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Day of Appointments!

Today was a day of doctors appointments. I had the first one, and dad had the second one. Dad's check up went well, and they said he's cleared for surgery. We will see when on the 16th.

After the doctors appointments we had lunch, and then I headed to our applique meeting. I got there around noon. Most of the meeting was already started. Had a great time with a couple of the members. I did get a few more stitches in the Celtic table runner. I took my bag full of stuff when I left this morning and came back to the point of "NEEDS CLEANED OUT."

I pulled out all the stuff in my bag - MORE fabrics! As well as my projects. I decided to put the fabrics away - on the table downstairs. I will go through them for the BOM's I've been doing.

While I was at the meeting, Barb had a wonderful idea of how to keep the basket blocks all together. She used a 3 ring binder and plastic sheet savers. She had all the patterns and blocks together in it. So, I decided I would do the same. I love the idea. It's a great way that I can keep the "extra" flower in the same place with the blocks.

While at moms waiting for dad to get to his appointment, we were organizing her scrap draw. I took a few of her green fabrics that I believe go with my BOM blocks. Now I have more greens to play with. Not like I need more fabric, but it should help. I thought I was keeping small fabrics - mom was keeping even smaller pieces than I am. What a mess I will be cleaning up when the time comes. Between her and me, there is way too much! At least I don't have to go to the shop to get more fabrics. I do need more greens though.

Tomorrow is another day of quilting. My daughter tells me I need to shut off the phones and have a day to myself. That won't happen for a little while, but I may take her up on that thought on Tuesday. Sorry no photos today, I'll work on them for tomorrow. Happy Quilting!

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