Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday! -

We enjoyed the day today. It was Super Bowl Sunday - and yes, Seahawks lost. I'm saddened by it, but at the same time, they played one heck of a game! They are still my team! I had on my shirt and sweatshirt like I always do. This time it didn't help, but that's okay. I know Seattle will give them a good homecoming - win or lose.

I worked on the basket blocks again today. This is my quilt block (my quilt). I got all the leaves done that were basted on. It went really fast.

I also finished the leaves on Katt's quilt block. I need to baste more of them done.

I started to work on the flower. It's not as easy as it looks. The petals overlap each other, so I had to sew down the one "top" petal, and then attach the next one, sewing only part of it. Since I'm left handed, it feels like I'm going backwards, but I'm moving around to the left. I'll work on them some more tomorrow.

I ended up taking the petal off the first time because I had it on the back side of the fabric. So, I straightened it out. Hopefully I'll pay more attention on the next ones I put on. I have some yellow and orange that will also go on this block. My block will have more blues and purples.

After working on those, I needed a little change, so I pulled out the cross stitch that I started while in MI. I am working on the cat, then will work on the center flower. It's a good break. I need to get started on the afghan for my nephew and his new wife's baby.

Tomorrow I'm home, and will enjoy every minute of it - AFTER I do my usual walk and cribbage game.

Still sad Seahawks lost, but I'm proud to be a Seahawk Fan!! I love their way of thinking - don't give up!

Life is good, and hopefully a lot of us are Happy Quilting!


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