Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another Project Done

Today was one of those days, I woke at 3 am, got up and played games. Played for 2 hours and went back to bed. I couldn't sleep most of the night. I slept for an hour at a time. At 3 am I gave up and came out in the living room to relax. After I went back to bed, I slept till 8 am. Go figure!

I relaxed most of the day, while doing laundry. Shortly after lunch, I finally got busy working on the baby afghan. I'm happy to say it is finally finished.

I finished it up, washed it and had it ready to give to mom to send with her baby quilt. I hope they like it. I was a little disappointed in my crocheting, because I keep getting off. The ones I could fix by taking out, I did. The areas that I couldn't figure out how far down I messed up, I fixed. Only someone who knows crochet and counts stitches would find them. I hope people don't sit there are count the stitches! I wouldn't, but I'm one that if you can see it, fix it, if you can't see it, don't look for it.

I will get back to working on the eagle. I'm off to a friends house tomorrow. She text'd me to tell me she finished the bookmarks for the retreat and has a few more Kleenex covers to do. I was surprised she finished up the bookmarks, I was going to have a few ready to work on. Glad I didn't do what I said I would. I'm also hoping she used my fabric that she said I gave her that she hasn't used yet. If I give fabric away, it's for a project they are supposed to be working on. If one doesn't use my fabric, and it's one of my favorite, then I'd love to have it back. Oh, well.....

Bowling was tonight....not going to talk about that.....and now I'm home.

Sent an email to Seabeck Retreat organizer to let her know I want to go next year. I'll be sending money once a month to get it paid for. Should be fun to go back to. I have really been enjoying the retreats lately. I tend to get a few things done that way. lol

Tomorrow I will be teaching my friend how to do applique. We will be working on one of Nancy Chong's 2 Fabric Applique projects. I'm looking forward to showing her what to do. She will do the basting on the machine - as she is a machine person. She's a sewer, and I'm a hands on person. Looking forward to having a day with her. May relax me for Tuesday.

Happy Quilting!

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