Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful Friday

Today is a wonderfully beautiful day! The sun is out and the sky looks awesome! We went for a drive today (Patrick took the day off) and we could see the mountains! It was awesome! Wish I took my camera with me!! We went up to Yelm, WA and you can see the mountain, no matter where you were in the town! I loved it.

We came back home around 2ish. The neighborhood cats were waiting on us. Patrick even got to see the cat Teri & Scott adopted. The cat that has Charlie living over here. lol  The other cat in the neighbor was here too. He was talking to Patrick the whole time we were on the deck. It was funny, he keep rubbing up against Patrick. Charlie ignored the whole thing!

I went outside to enjoy the weather, and worked on the afghan for my nephew. I was able to get three more rows going. I will try to finish the table runner tonight - again! Charlie needed her nails clipped so I had her in a baby grip while cutting them. Then after I was done, she didn't move and fell asleep in my arms, so I didn't get to get it done last night. I've been playing the Lord of the Rings game on my tablet. I need to just quit playing on the tablet! lol - We know that won't happen.

Patrick and I were watching the news, and wonder if his sister was in that delay in TN. She lives there, as she works for the airlines. He's talking to his mom now. I can be thankful we are not in the East Coast right now. I'm happy for the beautiful days we have! We've been pretty lucky, but they did show a lake here in WA that is dried up. They closed it for fishing because there isn't any water. WA is in trouble this summer - we needed the snow. Without snow, we'll have a dried up state.

A lot going on, and I'm still busy with one thing or another. Still Happy Quilting!

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