Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amazing How I Can't Keep My Quilt Room Clean!

Today was another great start. I walked with our neighbors. Got in a lot of walking.

Got back home, started doing laundry. I got quite a bit done actually. The morning was more for cleaning then it was for anything else. I got a lot of cleaning done. It is interesting how much of a mess I can make. lol

After lunch I headed downstairs, and saw this wonderful mess. So I had to clean it up before I could work on the Black and White quilt. Or any other quilt! As I was putting things away, the doorbell rang. I answered it to the postal worker who asked me to sign for my package.  WOOHOO! My butterfly fabric that I ordered from eBay was here!!

I paid enough for it but it was worth getting!

I then started taking the red fabric out of the quilt! I realized I only needed two pieces out of the fabric. I ended up with 1 1/2 yards extra! lol - I have plenty of fabric for another day.

I'm happy to say, the red is gone. It looks a lot better! I will now have to figure out the center. I'm not sure how I'm going to do the applique in there, but it will be fun to figure something out there.

This is the container I bought yesterday for my embroidery. I have a tray in the box that holds smaller things. I have the pattern and books under the tray. I also found my kit that I bought last year in Portland.

I finished this off this morning as well. This is block #10 of the Bountiful Baskets. I will be posting my finished baskets on it's own page. I had fun doing the embroidery! I'm not sure what I will do tonight. I have plenty of things to work on. I may work on another basket or I may do some quilting. Still haven't decided.

After working on the butterfly quilt, I worked on the Black and White quilt for Katt.

I was trimming the blocks then putting them together.

I'm happy to say, I have three rows done. I need to do the other three rows, and will do that tomorrow. I will then put them all together by rows. I like how it's coming out. Just hope Katt likes it as well. It's coming along faster than I thought. Since I had to fix the butterfly quilt, I didn't get as much done on this as I would have liked. That's okay, I have plenty of time this week.

The sun was out and it was gorgeous! Really nice day! I spent most of it downstairs. Love the glass windows in my quilt room!

Happy Quilting!!

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