Friday, May 8, 2015

Full Day at Retreat - Day 2

Today started out early. Didn't get much sleep last night. Tossed and turned as usual. We had breakfast at the commons which was eggs, biscuit and gravy, oatmeal, fruit, and potatoes. I actually behaved and had oatmeal, eggs, and a couple pears.

We headed to the gym to work on our projects. This morning worked out pretty good. I was going around taking photos of everyone's work and as I look around I see more things going up.

This was where I got last night about the time I quit last night. The red is from behind the quilt (not going in the quilt). I wasn't happy with the way it ended last night, but I think it was because I was tired. We (Donna and I) finished working at midnight. Then head to the room. Neither one of us were really tired. The WiFi in the room wasn't working. I can only get it here at the gym.

Donna has been working on her blocks (to the left of mine). It's really coming along and looks awesome.

As usual I have one big mess! I've been working on these blocks all day long. It takes time. I know I wouldn't have this much done if I was home, so I'm happy with what I have done.

I haven't moved the red block yet, so just ignore it. lol  It's coming along pretty good.

We took a walk around 2 pm today. We wanted to check out the water fall.

It was really pretty out there. The weather is awesome, so we got a really good walk in.

Along the path we found a few creatures of the wild.

The snail was closer to the water fall.

The lizard was closer to the end of the walk on the way back.

Linking Rainy Day Quilter, one of my friends. You'll enjoy this blog!

Having a great time at retreat! And still Happy Quilting!


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