Monday, June 1, 2015

Finishing Up the Eagle

Today I relaxed more than usual. I sat and got caught up on some old Perry Mason movies. While I was watching them, I worked on the eagle quilt for the Quilts of Valor.

I sent this to my cousin to see if she could tell me if the vine went through the beak. I left the patterns with her. I haven't heard back, so I may put the vine through the beak anyway.

I have a couple more grapes to do. Of course I noticed that after I thought I was done. Never fails. I did put the vine on the upper right.

I decided to work on the basket blocks as well. I finished one of the baskets. Then I started working on block #11. This one is Hawaii, so it has a few more pieces than I thought. It's going pretty fast, so no complaints on my part. I'm learning how to do the curves a little better on the leaves and flowers. I've actually enjoyed working on this one. I'm learning a lot with placement and curves.

The City came to our street and cleared out the hole for where the water leak is. Next step is to get the leak fixed. I'm the secretary of the community well, so I know the bill will be a big one.

I'm enjoying the work on the baskets, as well as the other projects. I'm having fun getting back to my quilting and embroidery. Best wishes, and Happy Quilting!!

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