Thursday, June 4, 2015

Slow Day

Today I went walking and played cribbage again. I got skunked, so he has the first win this month.

Afterwards, I sat down and watched the Perry Mason movies. I played on my tablet as well. Really didn't get much done. I did clean up my email, since I tend to let it pile up. I've even asked the websites to quit sending me the emails, and it hasn't happened. I think I'm going to move them into spam to get them to stop coming. I then went into the computer room and worked on the bank statements. I got the water budget up to date. We've gone through a lot of money because of leaks, so it's bothering me a little. I also worked on our checkbook to get it up to date as well. I finally balanced April's statement, and wouldn't you know it, the statement for May came in today. I'll do it tonight.

My watch band bit the dust, so I pulled out my Mickey Mouse watch.

I wanted to keep this for when I go out or for good times. I love this watch. It's a gift from Phil and Emily on my Birthday. I love mickey mouse stuff. Katt got me a "sippy" mug and I love it too. As you can tell, I have my fit-bit and watch on the same hand. I'm doing great with the fit-bit! I love it.

I also transferred my winnings on the scratch tickets (app) to my Amazon account. I love being able to make money and putting it toward Amazon!

I was able to download the June BOM baskets that P3 Designs has out. I'm excited because two of those blocks are embroidery. I've really gotten into embroidery now that I even joined BDEIG which is Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc. A mouth full! They have a lot of stuff when it comes to Embroidery. I noticed they even have The Embroiderers Guild of America on their link. I used to be a member of that. I was going through the process of a "Master Quilter" but quit working on it. I didn't care for the judges they had. The judges judged with their likes and not what was required. Personal likes and dislikes should not be part of judging. I can go on about that but I won't. lol Embroiderers Guild was a good group. I did like taking a lot of classes from them. It was fun. I'm not sure why I haven't joined back up, but I'm already a member of TAS and now BDEIG.

I need to put some fabric away, and pick out fabrics for the next couple flowers in the basket. I did find that Pearl has Youtube on how she does some of her applique and I'm going to look at those and try it out. I like her work and I'm looking forward to checking out her tutors. She's an awesome lady and I really enjoy her works.

I found a pattern in one of my quilt shop magazines I wanted to do. They even have it as a BOM. I was about to do it (applique of course) and then I noticed it was fusible and pre-cut pieces. How frustrating!! I don't do fusible, and I want a piece that will stay around! If it's pre-cut then it doesn't have the 1/4" seam allowance. Again, frustrating! I like BOM's that give me plenty of fabric for me to cut the pieces out or at least allow the pre-cuts to have the seam allowance. Why would I pay $200 for a quilt that is pre-cut?! ugh! I hope there are move BOM's out there that are for needle-turn applique. If not, I may just have to do them myself. lol

I guess I better get off my soap box today and get back to being HAPPY Quilting!!

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