Friday, July 24, 2015

A Biking Trip......

I woke early as usual. Ruth and I went walking and visited with a couple neighbors on the way. Got home, played a few games till Patrick woke up.

We then got a snack lunch put together. Patrick put the bikes in the truck last night, so we were all set to go biking. We headed over to Phil's to pick him up. It was awesome, I did better today then I have done in the past. I'm getting a little faster than I used to be. I do enjoy riding the bikes. If Phil goes with us more often, then I can really get in shape (wishful thinking!). It was a very enjoyable ride. Phil chatted and the ride seemed to get shorter faster. We were done in 150 minutes, which broke the previous record of 155 mins. It was a 17 mile ride from Tenino WA to Rainier WA.

I finished these four "thread catchers."

I like the smaller ones a little better. The bigger ones are a little "loose" so I'm going to stick with the smaller sizes. I will use the bigger one at my end table. That will keep more in it. I tend to do most of my works here in the chair.

I tend to like this one the best so far. It's from my scraps of Japanese fabrics, and the "pin" for the button worked out great. I had the pins in my draw of "now what?" You know those drawers, the ones that you put nice looking things in, with no clue what you'll ever do with. Most of mine stay there for a very long time. This one, to my surprise, haven't been in that drawer for very long. I did find a couple more buttons in that drawer when I went downstairs to get thread. I found them in another box of "will I ever use these?" I have a good stash of "can't get rid of this," and "when will I ever use these?"

Donna sent me a message today. She asked me to sew the binding on one of the QOV quilts. Patrick and I stopped by and picked up the quilt. I will work on the quilt tonight and this week. Can't wait to see it finished. It's a quilt she put together with blocks that were given to her from Quilter's Junction BOM members. They make blocks and donate them for Donna to put in a quilt.I love what she does!

Today is cloudy and supposed to rain, but we haven't had much. I would love to have some rain. It has been cool, then warms up. We have been getting cooler weather and I'm enjoying it!

I need to get ready to help out at the Thurston County Fair. I need some work that will keep me busy for an all day event. We are going to help out QOV booth. I can't wait to see how will come around that can get a QOV quilt! We are going to give two of them away that day. Looking forward to that day!

I've got three more thread catchers to finish up and then I'll get some stitches done on the QOV quilt! Happy Quilting!!

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