Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day At The Thurston County Fair

I didn't get much sleep last night because of the heat....and boy was it HOT!!! When I did get up, I headed to Ruth's to walk. After walking, I came home and got out my list of what I needed to bring to the fair to work on.

Arrived at Donna's about 8:30 am. Love her dogs! They are so much fun!

Headed up to the fair, and parked at the school bus garage to get a ride to the fair. To think I've lived in WA State over 30 years, and I have never been to the Thurston County Fair. It's a very small fair that is really fun! It reminded me of Whitman County Fair on the East side of WA. I really like small fairs like that. It was fun to get around.

This quilt was on display for out QOV area.

So was this one. It brought up some really cool ideas of what we could do with the eagles. I enjoyed seeing all the quilts there as well. I didn't take photos, as I have a whole bag full of quilt photos that need to be gone through.

I worked on this block again today. I still need to add 10 more leaves and the pole top. I did get quiet a bit done. We gave away the quilt I bound, and we gave away another quilt as well. It was awesome to see the look on the Veterans faces that received them. One of the guys wife was teary eyed and that got me a little teary eyed as well. I know how she felt. It's so nice to see them honored. He went through the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. When we told him that was about all we know about him, he said, "and that's enough." I agree. He finally got the thanks he should have gotten when he returned from Vietnam. The other person was serving now at JBLM. He was so surprised and at first wanted to know what was going on. I knew that look right off, as all military have that look when attention is giving in their direction.

I gave Donna the 3" 4 patches I had done. I will work on more. She even said she has more scraps for me. If she keeps this up, I won't need to get fabric for a very long time.

We finally called it quits about 5:30 pm. We were home by 6:15 pm. Around 5 pm it really got HOT in the fair building. I checked the phone and it said it was 93 degrees in Lacey. When we got home, my phone said we were at 99 degrees. Way too hot for me. It's even too hot to have this laptop on my lap!! So, I'm sweating and having a rough time with this heat. I'm thankful that Donna let me borrow her flippers so I would die in shoes. I'm still trying to drink water, but my water gets warm way too fast.

Life is good, and I can get through this! It was an awesome day of being Happy Quilting!!

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