Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Day With Family

Today started out early, no walking. I just realized I won't be walking tomorrow either. Oh, well.

Patrick and I cleaned up a little bit knowing my Uncle and Aunt would be here today and stay the night. Since my brother and sister in law are at moms. I'm thrilled to have them here.

At about 9:30 this morning, I headed over to the fair to enter my quilt and three of Donna's. I have the information and tags to pick them up next weekend. I usually don't care what people think about my quilts, and knowing it's being judged does have me a little on edge. I don't like to hear bad things, and I always get a judge that finds something wrong. Plus the last few times I was judged, they came back with personal issues with my quilt, like they didn't think the colors went well together, or that white was too over powering for the quilt. Those are personal choices, and shouldn't be judged. I should be judged on the workmanship. So, I'm taking a chance, and letting this get judged. I love that quilt, and I really don't care what they think about it. I have a ton of quilting in it and will bet they come back with something along the lines of it not being a "true" Hawaiian quilt because of the quilting.

After taking care of that, I came home. My Aunt wasn't here yet, so I played a few games to get ready. She arrived shortly after. We talked for a good 4 hours before anyone came. The guys, (Patrick, Patrick, and Uncle Bob) all went golfing. Mom didn't come over but called to say she would be here around 4 pm. Not sure why they didn't come sooner, but it gave me time to chat with my Aunt and show her what I've been up to. She noticed that I have my hands in way too many pots.

We did have a time when I turned the TV on and watched "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick Van Dyke. We relaxed and I worked on this block from my Baltimore Liberty blocks. I need to put the stick on that middle firecracker and then I can start looking at putting the star on. I did get the leaves down around the firecracker and I also replaced the read caps to the firecracker with the fabric I was looking for awhile back. Now I just need to applique it done.

I received word today that a QOV quilt will be presented to Patrick's Uncle in the UP, next week. I will finish this quilt and have it sent off for one of our groups to give away. I have decided I don't like the border I put on, so I'm going to change it. Hopefully by tomorrow and then I'll add the next border or two - still haven't decided that part yet either.

Tomorrow my Aunt and Uncle leave. We'll have breakfast with them and then I'll head over to quilting. Our group meets tomorrow. Mom will be judging at the fair, but she won't be judging my quilt because she refuses to judge quilts that she knows. Rare now a days when they do that. I would do the same if I was in her shoes. So, I'm looking forward to getting more done on this block and seeing what everyone is up to.

In the mean time, be Happy Quilting!!

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