Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yet Another Day At 100 Degrees!!

I ended up sleeping downstairs last night. Couldn't take the heat. Since we are in a "heat advisory" it stayed hot all night. I was able to sleep pretty good last night downstairs.

Patrick was given some lilies to bring home for me. They smell great, but I think my allergies are having a fit over them. I woke up this morning with a headache and runny noise. We were gone most of the day, so I didn't notice it today.

After getting up, we headed to the casino and then went to Costco to get some meat. We had a good time and the ride was fun. We didn't take the freeway. Figured we'd get there faster if we took the side roads.

After supper I went downstairs for about an hour and a half. I wanted to get my minimum of 2 hours in on quilting a day. I figure if I get in a routine of 2 hours a day, I'll get a lot done over time.

I pulled out my table mats and wanted to get them done. I sewed what was left of them. It was good to have the mats close to being finished.

This is what the 6 of them look like. It was a good feeling to have them finished as far as that goes. I was telling Patrick that I don't have enough of the butterfly read to bind it, since I used it on the back. He said I could just use a solid color that goes with what I have done. He even suggested black. I'm seriously thinking of doing black. I think a red would be better but I don't think I have enough red to do all 6 mats. Black I tend to have enough of.

I then cut the 9-patches that I had ready for cutting. I also did the 4 patch blocks. I will work on the 9-patches again tomorrow. At least I'm going to try and plan on it. I know I have enough to make a couple quilts by now, but I really do want to use up what I have set for strips. I'm slowly getting least I'm thinking I am.

As I'm sitting here typing this, its 8 pm, and this is what my thermometer looks like. I just took the photo!

When we were driving today, I reflected on my comment yesterday of "flip flops" and wanted to say "thongs - but not the underwear kind." Flip flops is as old as thongs too. lol

Okay, I'm rambling again and need to get my cinnamon rolls ready for tomorrow morning. Try and be Happy Quilting!!

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