Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Cleaning Day ........ Yet Again

Today I did my usual walking this morning. Then came home and enjoyed some time with Charlie. I enjoy them while I can.

I then headed downstairs to work in my quilt room.

This was what I walked down to....another mess.

When my carpet looks like this, then I know I need to clean. So, I started out on the counter. It was so full I didn't have much room to work around. I had to clean it up since I thought mom was coming tomorrow to work on her quilt for my niece. (Found out later she probably won't be coming) Not that it matters, because I needed to clean it up some.

I took the patterns for the basket and put them in the binder I have for them. I added the squares for the background, so now that is off the counter.

Then like everything else in my brain, I found the fabrics I wanted to use for the Dresden Plate block that the group is doing. I still have two more weeks before it's due, but I'm going to do it and get it out of here. I don't know who's name I'll put in the box for the blocks. I may just leave my name on it and see what happens.

So, of course, I had to work on it. So, I sewed the points to the Dresden Plate block and when I ran out of bobbin thread. Then I decided I better get back to what I started.....cleaning up. Next I vacuumed and got the rug looking great. Amazing what a clean rug can do for a quilt room!

I then looked at the backing mom wanted me to do for her quilt top. There wasn't enough fabric to put together for the backing. I could sew a piece down the middle but one side would have no seams while the other side would have about 5 different seams. Told mom she needs to do something else for that.

We went and met my parents, Uncle and Aunt at the restaurant here in town after Patrick got off work. Then we had to stop by Phil's because I had the sign for the quilt show in the back of my car.

Came home and decided to make a pear upside down cake. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would. The best part was that it didn't fall apart on me.

I didn't get any applique done last night on the Dragonfly quilt. I did get a few stitches in earlier today, but didn't get a photo of it. I will post it tomorrow to show how much more I done. I'm getting excited about finishing in up. It's goes faster than I remembered. I need to look for fabric for my Aunt's quilt. I'm thinking of doing the Oak Leaf pattern next. I haven't done that one, but if there is only Bird of Paradise there, I can do that one. I just need to remember to have the extra fabric on the top fabric and not the backing. lol

Amazing how I think of things to say on here, and when I sit down to do it, can't remember what it was I was going to say.....that's the way I am. The weather is getting warmer again. I enjoyed the rain and cool weather for the past week. Now we are looking at possible 90 degree weather again. Not looking forward to that.

Quilt show is this weekend. Will take stuff in on Thursday. More stuff was added to the stuff we are selling at the show. I now have a few more things to take to the show. I will have to pick Phil up on Thursday, so will load the truck first, take care of Phil, then head over to the show to set up. Not planning on bring anything back, so someone else is going to have to store the stuff after.

Now it's time to do my exercises and get back to working on the dragonfly quilt. I have started on the grass, which means I'm getting closer to beg done. Happy Quilting!

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