Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Good Thursday.....of Applique and Bowling

Today I was able to sleep in, but it didn't help, still not getting a good night sleep. Can't wait to get back to sleeping through the night.

I enjoyed a couple hours with Charlie in my lap as well as getting a few TV programs watched. I thought about going downstairs to work on the QOV quilt, but then remembered I needed to finish the block that mom and I are teaching a class on.

Which meant I needed to put the petals on the other flower. Now it's where mom will take over and finish the design. I was thinking we may need to add the embroidery.

Once I finished the block above, and I decided it was time to finish up the blocks I started. This block is now finished. I like the final touch to it. This will be a great quilt for a QOV recipient.

I'm adding a flower and some leaves to this block. I have some of the leaves cut from a leafy fabric. I am putting a red rose in the corner. I needed to put some leaves in before I started the rose.

Went bowling tonight and bowled a 202, 161, 201, so it looks like I'm getting back up there. It has been a good two years since I was bowling this good. I'm pretty sure it's the arm that is getting better that is helping me out. My back wasn't too thrilled with me tonight though, as it was a little stiff. That is probably because I sat way too long. I need to get the timer going again, so I'm not sitting all day.

Tomorrow is another day, and my parents will be back. Looking forward to seeing the again. Happy Quilting!

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