Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dust, Dust, Everywhere!

Today started out slow, but then went on full steam ahead. We had been talking about the dust in the bedroom, and the last couple days my allergies came full force. So, after waking up with migraines, it was nice to finally try and to fix that problem.

Patrick and I started cleaning the bedroom. We took the mattresses off the bed so we could move it. We then dusted all the bed tables and drawers. We vacuumed the whole room. We ended up emptying the vacuum three times! I could not believe all the dust! I even took the vacuum to my stuff animal that are on the top of my drawers. We moved the bed around a couple times to be able to get to the dust. My drawers are too big to move, so I had to vacuum with the hand held part. Amazing how much dust there's not like I don't clean my house! It was all under, behind, and one the bed. Now it's clean! I thought our bedroom was clean, till we did all that cleaning! It took a couple hours to get it done, but we did it. Now I SHOULD be okay tonight when I sleep. We usually do this kind of cleaning once or twice a year. This one was after about a year. UGH.

After we did that, mom and dad stopped by. (Mom has a cold) We went down to Kelso to Sizzlers for supper. We all had a good meal, then came home to try out the pie I made. I used the recipe from "Food Network Magazine." It was the chocolate marshmallow pie. I was disappointed, It wasn't as good as I expected. It was "dense" for my liking. Will probably throw it out tomorrow.

We played  a game. All's well. Dad won.

Mom brought over the piece we are going to teach a class for. She asked me to bind it as she was having trouble with the binding. After they left, I sewed the binding onto the quilted piece - table top size or even a wall hanging. She did an awesome job quilting it. I need to get the pattern from her so we can get copies made. I will do that this week.

Still no camera working, but will use my tablet tomorrow to be able to show what I've been up to. I worked on my basket block earlier today before the folks arrived.

I finished the leaves on the top left. I also worked on a few other leaves. I'm thinking of changing the flowers I started to work on . I'm going to go for orange, since that is the color Katt wants on her quilt. Sorry, one has to tilt their head to see this right. I should have turned it. Guess I'm a little off when it comes to photos this of these days.....I can hope! Happy Quilting!

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