Saturday, October 10, 2015

Out of One Project....Into Another....And Another!

Today started out early, playing games. Then Patrick woke up, and I was off to Costco.

After Costco we were off to the movies.

So, yesterday, I spend my day at the group meeting at moms. I worked on my block for QOV. I have a few more leaves to put on and then the flower. Once I have that done, I'll be able to do the embroidery for the stem and call it good.

After the meeting, I got home and pulled out the light box. I then marked two pieces of fabrics for the pillow case "area" quilt blocks. One is for my eagle quilt, and the other is for the QOV quilt that Donna will add the blocks we got from the retreat to it.

The beige is my block and the white is for the QOV block.

This is the fabric for the back of the quilt I finished for QOV. I need to cut it and sew it back up together for the backing. I have been trying to do that for the past two days. I'm glad I haven't asked for a quilter yet, because I'm just not ready for that.

Then there was today - after the movies.....

I marked the fabric for the "2 fabric applique" pattern I'm doing for my Aunt and Uncle. Think I will try and get this done before my parents go to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Hopefully they can take it with them and give it to my Aunt and Uncle.

Since Patrick's sister is coming on Monday, I needed to go downstairs and clean up a know, that mess that's on my counter....and I did. I then posted my guilt projects back on the guilt wall. Looking at it, that makes 3 projects.

Then I added a few more pattern - that I just bought in the last week - up on my wall. Of course, there are several projects I want to do, but keep getting myself in a bind with yet...ANOTHER project. I keep thinking I will finish a couple before starting another, but with the QOV projects, that doesn't seem to be I just told everyone, I marked two more blocks for the eagle projects. UGH!

As I sit here, watching TV, I know that when I shut this off, I will need to start basting the pattern I just marked today....Tomorrow is Bowling....Monday is Brazilian Embroidery and my sister-in-law's visit. Looking forward to both, and still working on Happy Quilting.

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