Friday, October 23, 2015

Took The Day Off!

Today I went for my walk with Ruth, then I came home and decided I would stay home. I didn't go to the meeting at moms. I sat and played a few game, got tired and took a nap.

Yep, ME, I took a NAP...I never take naps. I hated them when I was a kid, and I'm not that crazy about them now. But I was so tired - heck if I know why - and had to lay down on the couch.

Once I got up, I then went for another walk with Ruth. It took longer than usual because we ended up stopping and chatting with neighbors. Got home and went to work on my genealogy. I was able to find a few people I didn't know and I add some photos to the family tree. I pulled out some letters to work on, and they are sitting here next to me. I really need to add more letters to the blog.

I have the rose block I need to do for the group. I'm thinking about getting that block started. I need to pull out the lightbox and do my marking on the back for back basting. I tend to enjoy that more than anything. As if I don't have enough stuff going on, I'm already thinking of working on something else that isn't mine. Oh, well.

Looking forward to getting back in the mood and ready to be Happy Quilting!

A Good Day For Stitching

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