Thursday, October 15, 2015

Without a Camera....Feeling Lost

Today started out like most, walking. Came back home and we went out for breakfast. We enjoyed a great breakfast at The Berry Fields restaurant. I had a wonderful French Toast with home made sausage.

Patrick took Sue to the airport. We had an awesome time with her hear. She is constantly moving. She has more energy than I do! But loved the visit.

I worked on the binding of the QOV quilt that Donna had finished. I washed it three times so far. The red and blue bleed, as it was purple on the color sheets.

Then this evening I headed over to the shop and taught my first class. I enjoyed it. We had four people learning how to do the "2 Fabric Applique." I taught them how to get started. So, they took the project home to baste. After they are done with basting, they will bring it back in two week. Then the fun begins. I'll teach how to cut and applique. While they were working on basting their quilts, I finished basting mine. It is now ready for me to do the applique. I'm not going to start it till next week, or the week after. I want to use my quilt as a sample of what the basting looks like. Then on the next class, (both have 2 class times) I'll show them how to cut it. So, I may not be able to cut into my quilt for two weeks now that I think of it. Then I'll have to kick butt and get it done so mom and dad can take it to my Aunt.

So, I'm without my camera due to batteries....and my phone camera is getting way worse. I'm lost without being able to use my camera! I love to take photos. But then again, the last few photos I took where not that good. I need to get back out there and work on my camera taking. I used to be better then what I've been doing. i will take the time and take better photos!.....when I get the batteries for my camera!

Now that I figured that out....I'm wondering...what am I going to work on.....Guess I'll work on the guilt wall or even start another eagle....OR go down and quilt......Oh, yah, need to work on Katt's quilt top to get that done as well......ugh...hate it when I get to this point...but I'm still at it and Happy Quilting!!

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