Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Windy AND Rainy...Baked Cookies All Day.

Today I decided I wasn't getting up and walking. It was rainy and windy all night. Which carried into this morning. I worked on my puzzle before getting started.

Got quite a bit done actually. I was surprised at how quick is was going. I didn't want to get started, because I knew I was going to bake all day....

I started out making the dough for sugar cookies. I turned them green for mint flavor.

Patrick is decorating them as I type this. He's doing pretty good.  I wanted to make mint cookies with mint M&M's. The big white, green, and red M&M's are mint. Patrick decided he wanted the other M&M's on there too. I figured "what the heck!, he's decorating, so go for it." Okay, sprinkles came out! Guess they are going to be more decorated then I thought! Woo Hoo!

After putting the dough for the sugar cookies in the frig, I baked these. It's a chocolate cookie with powdered sugar. Got the recipe from "Taste of Home" magazine. We get that and the "Food Network" magazine. There are more recipes than I can get to!

Okay, then thinking I hadn't done enough yet, I decided to make a German Chocolate Cookie, that a girl from HS made for the fair a couple years ago. I believe she won a grand champion award, but not sure. It's been a long time.

This is a cookie with coconut and pecan frosting and covered with chocolate. They are pretty good according to Patrick. I haven't tried one yet. Trying to behave. Patrick is my tester and hes the one that tells me if they are worth it or not. Not sure if they will go in the "favorite" recipe book or not, but I did a lot of different things today.

I then made another batch of sugar cookie recipe for the candy cane sugar cookies I'm going to make tomorrow. I was going to do them today but Patrick said since I've been at it all day, we can do them tomorrow. I'm okay with that.

So today was one of those days I didn't get to work on my crafts. I'm okay with that. I need to go through my stuff to add to the gift for Thursday.

Thanks to Rose for calling the day off today, I've been busy and happy with what I'm doing. I did have a couple anxiety attaches. That happens from time to time and I'm good. I cooled myself down and moved on. lol

Life is great, and I'm still moving on. I'll get to my quilting - hopefully tonight...I'm hoping....I'll get there.....yep, I can get moving on finishing that quilt.....What!? Still not done?! What the heck! I need to get moving! What is it about a quilt that is so close to being done? I seem to take a few extra days trying to get it done....what is that? It's like giving away a kid! I want to let it last for awhile. Better get moving! lol Still working towards being Happy Quilting!

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