Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday WIP Day!

I woke to more rain today. It was pouring so we didn't get to walk till about 11 am.

I surprised myself. I didn't play games in the morning! Instead I pulled out the light box!

I had two blocks I wanted to mark and get ready to work on.

One of them being the block I'm having to do for Bev. I also did another Baltimore Liberty block to get started on. It's has a lot of small flowers, so it will be awhile on that one.

I have the colors ready for this one. I cut the green for the stems. I made two of the mitered stems. I have them ready to put on when the leaves are done.

I basted the bottom three leaves on.

Then I basted the bow on the star block for the Baltimore Liberty quilt that I'm working. I really do want to get this one done.

I appliqued the bottom ribbon and then worked on the bow itself.

Lastly I basted the green on the bottom of the flowers and the circle that goes on the bow. I still need to finish those. I did get most of the bow done. After I finish with those, I need to do the embroidery and then it will be done. I'm looking forward getting one more block on on the Baltimore Liberty set.

After my morning was over, Patrick was home. He had a doctors appointment and then took the afternoon off. We watch a movie and while we did that, I worked on my cross stitch.

This flower has been a challenge working the row by row cross stitches. I've added all the colors that are needed in it. I'm learning with this technique and finding that I actually like it. I'm not crazy about some of the "parking" because sometimes I have three or four colors parked right next to each other. I do give it credit - I don't make as many mistakes. I know what goes where and I put it there. I'm happy with the way it's going. I tried it out in the lower right side. I need to fill in the areas I didn't do on the rest of what I worked on, but once I do, I can do the row by row and not worry about what's missing.

Bowling was tonight. Bowled a 238, but then turned around and bowled a 148. Ticked me off! But I still bowled good. I bowled a 568 series and that's good..

Tomorrow will be Happy Quilting!

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