Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Day at Home!

This morning I got up just after Patrick left. I played a little while then decided to get some work done on the computer.

I had to do a few things in between working. I was doing laundry, calling for information, and then going down to Ruth's to get a couple cards off for her.

When I did get a good time to myself, I went downstairs to quilt.

I started out with this much done. I realized I needed to get the butterfly done so I can roll the quilt and not worry about not having the butterfly done.

While I was quilting, I noticed the weather was "blah." This was my view. I just love my trees, so I enjoyed the view anyway.

While I was working on the butterfly, I noticed that the wing is a "true scrap" wing. I was surprised to see that, but at the same time, had to smile. I love the purple and it is awesome to see they wanted to give me that fabric.

Once I got the butterfly done, I moved to the other side. As one can see, each of my butterflies are different. Not one of the butterflies are the same. I wanted it to be different. I didn't want to do a quilt that everyone would say, "ah, nice." I wanted a quilt that if I had grandchildren, they could follow the butterfly around on the quilt. It would be something that makes it fun to see what I did. I usually let a quilt talk to me, and that's pretty much what it wanted. Not just the norm of cross hatch or straight lines. Something that is "different" brings out a better quilt.

It's a lot whiter than the photo shows. The lighting down there is yellowish.

Okay, now for the best part! I read this book! It's awesome!! I now want to read more of her books. I was looking on my kindle but the cost is a bit high for me. I don't like paying $10 for a book on ebooks. lol - I'm cheap - give me a book for $1.99 and I'm good. I even love the ones that are free. lol If anyone wants to read a good book, check this book out!

Poor Patrick, he's "sick" and not doing good. I'm thinking he may just be staying home tomorrow. He needs to!

Even though I didn't get a lot done today, I did get a couple hours in on quilting. I know I have other things to do, and I really need to get moving on them. I'm trying to hit one thing at a time.

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment (they called and changed my appointment). I was thinking I would go and get the copies I need to get for my cross stitch and my Brazilian embroidery. That way I will have them. I have to mark the fabric on the BE in order to work on it. I also need to get the cat 2 fabric applique started so that I can take it to the shop for a sample. I'll be teaching that class again in March. I hope I get more people in the class, but not worried about it. I just love being able to share my craft.

Tomorrow will not be a day at home - which I was hoping - but I do remember from the past - NEVER PLAN my day! Good thing I didn't....hahaha. I did plan on cleaning the oven because one of Patrick's potatoes last night blew up in the oven! - too funny! Anyway, I was going to clean the oven because it's got all that burnt in there. I forgot!! So, I need to put a big sticker on the oven to clean it! I'm getting there, one thing at a time. I am loosing my mind some days...not keeping on one thing, but a ton of stuff. I need to keep my mind on one thing and not keep jumping from one thing to the other. I will work on it! So I say....Happy Quilting!!

Spending The Day With Mom

It snowed more last night. Soooo, this morning was all white. It was gorgeous! Patrick said to wait till 10 am before going out. I decided...