Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday!

Today was another early morning. I enjoyed the morning all to myself. I even worked on my Amazon account to earn some more money. lol

I was checking out some of the blogs I keep track of and read Sherri's Quilter at Heart Blog. Sherri is awesome! I've enjoyed working with her in TAS and have talked to her several times while part of the TAS Board. This one was like reading my own blog. She talked about being a 5th generational quilter and that she may be the last in a long line, depending on her daughters. I enjoyed reading yesterdays blog. So, if you get the chance, take a look.

I baked some pretzels for Super Bowl snack time! lol

They turned out awesome! I made 6 of them and Patrick has had 2 already. I even made some cheese sauce to go with them. That was a bit much for me, but they were good. Patrick loves to have cheese with his pretzels. I'd rather have mustard. lol Guess that's where my German comes in.

When the game started we headed downstairs to enjoy the game. We had to wait for Comcast's rep to show up. He changed out our box because it was going black on us. This box is smaller and looks a little better. I was surprised they came out today. He said he was off at 3:30 so he could go home and watch the game. I had actually asked for tomorrow but they called today and said they could send someone out today. It was quick. Then we headed downstairs to enjoy the fireplace and the TV down there.

I got most of the center done!!! I'm jumping for joy!! I have been killing myself trying to get in the mood to work on this worked out great!

The center (inside the first border print) is now done. That was the hardest part. I marked the cross hatch in the blue. I'm having to work my way toward the right side because I can not mark it on the right side. I'd be off my mark. So as long as I have it going from the left, it will stay "lined up."

I was thrilled to be able to get to this side of the quilt. (Left side) It's coming along great. I just need to quilt a couple more areas for about 4" and then I can turn the quilt again. I'm excited about rolling it. I'm even more excited about getting that center done. It's a lot farther along then I thought it was. I was changing my needles from the short ones to a little longer ones. I found some really tiny needles in the quilt and wondered how I was even able to quilt with those. Yet again, I do remember a time when I could quilt with a 3/4" needle. Not anymore.

In thinking of what Sherri was talking about. Why do I quilt?

Why not? I quilt for sanity. I quilt for love of craft. I quilt because it keeps me "centered." I quilt to relax and enjoy life. I quilt to reflex how my day is going.

What do I remember about family that quilts?

My mother taught me how to piece quilts. My grandmother showed me patterns and quilt blocks that her mother made. She told me one day I would get the quilt blocks. My mother was there that day and said, "No she won't. I get them first." My mother took the blocks and I haven't seen them since. I did see one set - she put them together and quilted the quilt. It's hanging in her house. There are two quilts that were made by my great grandmother and my great great grandmother. There is a quilt where she found a block and pieces of fabric to finish that quilt. It was designed by her Aunt and her. They appliqued the "leaves" in a circle. Mom took those pieces and made a quilt out of them. The original quilt block may or may not be part of that quilt.

I was told a while back that my great great grandmother's quilt is in a museum in Kansas. I haven't seen it, mom has. When all the children passed and the great grandchildren were left with the quilt, they all decided to have it placed in the museum, because there ere so many in the family that quilted and that wanted the was decided to donate it. I'm thinking the one who had it was trying to find a home for it.

This is a cousin of my grandmother, Wilda Simpson. This was her first quilt. I found this photo among my grandmother's photos. Wilda was always in contact with grandmother.

This is a photo of my grandmother, Mable Cleo Matheson Wineland and my grandfather, Archie Wineland. Mable did a lot of crocheting, embroidery, and sewing. She taught me how to crochet right handed. I even learned how to embroider from her. She taught me well.  Mom taught me knitting and quilting.

This lovely lady is my great grandmother, Minnie True Matheson Reeder. She is with her son, Forest. This women was an inspiration! I always wanted to learn how to tat from her. I have a lot of her work now. I even have some of her tools she used for tatting and crocheting. 

These are my very special grandparents. They taught me well. Grandma Minnie passed away the day after I came to stay with her. I was 19 years old. I looked forward to living by her and learning from her. I was lucky enough to get a quilt from her and my grandmother when I graduated from HS. That quilt is a joy to me and is special in more ways then one. Between Minnie loosing her eye sight and Mable being hard of hearing, that quilt has some funny memories. 

I'm thankful for my heritage. I'm always looking to the past, learning about my family. I love finding out I'm part of the Hatfields and McCoy families. I'm finding out more history about who my family was and how they lived. That to me is a big joy. Since I've been doing this blog, chances are my family will have me pegged! lol 

May we be as happy as they were - Happy Quilting!

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