Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Interesting Wednesday....and Applique!

We got in our 2.5 mile walk. We planned on going again at 1 pm but the rain showed up again.....go figure, live in WA and it rains....not unusual. It rained all day and is still raining. Again, not unusual.

I worked on the computer and got another load of laundry in. Mom called and she's sick. Sounded awful. Glad I wasn't at her house to get it.

I worked on the "Cat Nap" quilt top and watched a few more shows I missed. I'm getting caught up.

I am not as far as I would like to be. I may have to wait till Monday to get it to the shop. At this rate, I'm still behind on my goals. I wanted to get both this and the eagle done. At this rate, I'll only get the "Cat Nap" done. Guess the goal for next week is the eagle.

Not much to report. Went bowling tonight and since our partners are gone the rest of the month, it was done fast. We did win 3 games and would have won all 4 if I could bowl! I bowled under 150 on the first two games, but did bowl a 203 on my last game. Just couldn't figure it out till the third game. On the way home, I realized I forgot my sweater, so went back. Then on the way home the second time, our neighbor called and needed help. We rushed home to help him out. He needed the dogs in the "cage." Patrick had a hard time getting them. Then our neighbor came home to help his father-in-law. His breathing was off, so I stayed till he calmed down. When S showed up, it was fine. He was getting his FIL to breath better. I left. Patrick left early because the well was off. He got it started again.

Phil texted and said his dog was sick. They were going to take him up to Oly for an emergency operation, and I'm still waiting to hear how she's doing. This is my granddoggy! I hope she's doing good, but I'm worried.

Other than that, all's good....Happy Quilting!

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